Regardless of whether you have a new or an old website for your company, you know that you constantly need to update it and keep it to current standards of what a great website should look like. It should be clear to you that the design can make or break your entire company image and goals. That is why you should take great care in making sure that you have a functional website, one that is going to attract potential clients and help you expand your company.

The following is a list of the possible things that you may have been doing wrong so far. Work on them, correct the mistakes and try to make your website as closest to perfect as possible.

Your Site Doesn’t Have an About Us Page Telling Users What Your Company Does

Think about this from personal experience. What would you say about a site you visit that doesn’t clearly state what they do actually or why you should choose them? You would say that it is not a legit site, no? And you’ll have all the right to assume that. So, make sure all your services, products, awards, testimonials are displayed clearly and somewhere on the homepage, so they are easily accessible.

You Have a Site That Is Not Mobile-Friendly

This is a grave problem. Today, the majority of the traffic originates from mobile devices. If your site is not optimized for a mobile user, your clients would think that you don’t care enough for your business and would go and search for another company’s site and avoid engaging with yours. In addition to optimizing your site for mobile use, you have to prioritize the loading speed. No one would stay on your site if it takes forever to load it (and by forever, I mean 3 seconds).

Your Site Is Not HTTPS Secure

Hackers are your worst enemies. If your site gets hacked once, say goodbye to your clients and your reputation. You’re never getting them back. But, if your site is HTTPS secure, your clients will see it and know that they can trust you. Moreover, Google only ranks sites that are safe, so if your site is not, Google will limit your visibility and you will be unreachable to your audience.

The SEO of Your Site Is Weak

This leads us to the search engine optimization. If you’re no one can find you on Google or any search engine, it means that your site has a weak SEO. You should be alert on any update of the SEO algorithms, and if you’re not an expert in optimization, there are agencies like Probella that can give you a hand and do the optimization for you. Nevertheless, make sure that your site follows all the rules for search engine optimization, otherwise, you’re doomed.

The Social Media Icons Are on the Top of Your Website

This is an instant distraction. No one would stay on your website if the social media icons are available on the top of the website. People love social media platforms and when they see that they are accessible right away, they’ll turn their backs to your website and that is not something you need. Though the icons are absolutely necessary, put them in any place but the top.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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