For the 62% of adults in the US who own at least one connected device, IoT can only get better from here. Smart TVs, voice command home systems like Alexa, and even a smart coffee maker can have a mind of its own, so to speak. IoT may be the future of connectivity, but how is cyber security keeping up? The unfortunate answer is: not very well.

IoT devices are designed with convenience in mind, often at the expense of security measures. Universal Plug and Play Protocol, or UPnP, and default manufactured passwords are often to blame. UPnP is a connection process when devices connect to network remotely, this process is quick and automatic for the simple reason that it doesn’t require any authentication. Even the FBI caught wind of these enormous security risks and issued out an official warning to users of IoT compelling them to keep up with security updates, set unique passwords, and to be aware of the security concerns that come with bringing IoT into the household.

How secure are your IoT devices? Take a look at this infographic for more on the state of IoT security, how you can ensure your devices’ integrity, and protect yourself from cyber assaults.

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