Making The Journey To The Cloud

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Most of us interact with the cloud on a daily basis, for example Google Docs or having an iCloud account. The opportunity to store virtually infinite amounts of data has revolutionized the way we use, track, and observe data, and for businesses this has become one of the most essential parts of operation.

Today 93% of organizations use the cloud in some form, and 42% of those derive 50% or more of their business through these cloud-based apps. Smart business managers understand the cloud as a powerful tool to accelerate growth and streamline operations. By 2020, global spending on the cloud will more than double to $162 billion from just $67 billion in 2015. Additionally, this rate of growth is six times faster than that of IT development, as cloud computing technology continues to advance.

Take a look at this infographic for more on how countless businesses are using the cloud as a tool to drive success, increase productivity, and surge us into the future.

Making The Journey To The Cloud 1

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