There’s something to be said for making sure that you stay safe from the extraordinary. You want to be free from catastrophic accidents. You want to be free from tragic circumstances. But there’s also the matter of staying safe from the mundane. There are things around you all over the place that can be dangerous over time. And you need to protect yourself from those things as well.

What are a few of these ordinary things that you should create defenses for? Are you aware of how safe microwaving plastics is? Do you drink clean water? How often you wash your hands? And are you spending too much time staring at screens? These are some of the mundane things that can cause serious health issues eventually if you don’t protect yourself from them.

Microwaving Plastics

You go to the store and see all sorts of microwavable meals and dishes. But have you ever wondered how safe they are? When you mix microwave technology with certain types of plastic, chemicals and toxins can bleed into your food. That’s why you should look into microwavable-safe plastics and materials so that you know which ones are certified not to have any of this chemical bleed.

Drinking Clean Water

Water is necessary for the human body to function. Water is available at your faucet. Water is available at restaurants. You can buy bottled water. You can buy spring water. But how do you know if this water is actually safe? When you buy a water purification system for your home, you can guarantee that you’re drinking safe water. Beyond that, there is always some chance the chemicals are going to get into your water supply and create issues with your digestive system or even your brain. Spend some time researching what sort of pollutants get in the water, how your city filters the water that comes into your plumbing system, and what restaurants do to ensure that their water is safe as well.

Washing Your Hands

How often do you get sick? If you feel like you’re always catching colds or other viruses, it might be because you’re not washing your hands enough. There are all kinds of bacteria, viruses, germs, and disease floating around in the air all around you all the time. If you wash your hands the correct way and keep them away from your eyes and face, you can protect yourself from this mundane danger.

Too Much Screen Time

Do you suffer from eye strain, sore wrists, or a sore neck? If so, you may be spending too much time staring at screens. If that’s the case, the most everyday activities ever, such as working on a computer or looking at your mobile device, might be slowly causing you long-term issues. Use ergonomic chairs when possible, and don’t get caught spending more time than you need to in the virtual world.


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