There are several different popular reasons for getting into screen printing. First off, if you’re ever doing any promotions or advertising for a company that you’re part of a group they are involved with, having shirts, jackets, hats, or other items with your logo on it is invaluable. Second, sometimes you just want to be unique, and the type of item that you want to wear isn’t available. Therefore, you have to do it on your own.

On your journey to decide whether screen printing is for you or not, there may be several mental steps that you have to go through. You might check and see how the professionals do it. You need to make sure that you learn how to design elements that look right when printed. You have to pay close attention to your budget because different types of screen printing have different costs associated with them. And, you have to recognize how often you’re going to be doing it.

See How the Professionals Do It

Looking at how professionals do screen printing is going to be your first step in deciding what your path is going to be. What type of materials do they use? What kind of design software do they utilize? What are the price ranges on the services that they offer? Are there benefits to doing lots of screen printing of the same image, or can you customize ideas to your advantage on a small scale?

Learn How To Design For Print

One of the things about screen printing that you have to be aware of is that seeing the design on a screen or a piece paper is different from seeing it on material like a T-shirt or a piece of canvas. Because of this, you may have to learn design basics at an elemental level, and then move forward into the idea of putting actual colors on actual physical surfaces, rather than just assuming they will look like a digital representation.

What’s Your Budget Like?

Paying someone else to do screen printing is one thing. Trying to do your own screen printing is another. A big part of your decision process is going to be how much screen printing costs for each of those options. Knowing your budget in advance for a particular project will make a big difference in how you approach the details of your transactions.

How Often Are You Going To Be Doing It?

The last piece of advice when it comes to screen printing is that you should know how often you’re going to be doing it. If you have to invest in a lot of personal infrastructure, but only plan on doing one or two screen prints, that equation is not going to be to your advantage. Recognizing the number of times you will be needing specific materials for certain processes done is vital to creating an effective project from start to end.

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