Learning a new language can be an intimidating experience, particularly if you have a not-so-stellar history in picking up a new language (recall high school French, anyone?). The global online language market is set to grow nearly 19% between 2017-2021. With so many established language education companies, as well as a bevy of new startups coming to-market, those eager to learn another language have a slew of options to choose from, however one language platform reigns supreme…

A Revolutionary Language Education System That Will Appeal to Most Anyone

OptiLingo, an online language learning platform that offers courses in a variety of languages is the most effective and affordable option available today. When it first launched six years ago, it had steep competition. Well-known brands, such as Rosetta Stone and Berlitz Languages had a foothold in the market. However, due to the distinctiveness of the program’s “Guided Immersion” method which emphasizes contextual learning in a flexible, yet comprehensive course plan using Spaced Repetition Systems (SRS), this company has carved a niche in the online language education market and kicked the ladder out from underneath it.

Fresh Approach to Learning a New Language

While most vendors position their course by converting traditional language resource content into a digital format, OptiLingo distinguishes itself with the progressive and innovative Guided Immersion method devised by language activist, Jonty Yamisha.

Unlike other language education programs, the courses available on Jonty’s platform do not repurpose old, traditional content for the online market. Instead, all the platform’s course materials and products are entirely new and structured around Jonty’s learning methods that he himself devised over the timeline of 10 years.

Effective, Efficient Study Method

To meet the surge in demand among the ever-expanding language education audience, there has a been a steady uptick in the rise of how-to-learn a language startup companies. However, many of these are focused on memorizing vocabulary lists and grammar construction as well as “listen and repeat” course workflows. In contrast, this program utilizes a unique study method, Spaced Repetition Systems (SRS), that has been successfully used among other courses of study.

Old Versus New Way of Learning a New Language

The program’s competition in the online language educational space tends to focus on a structural approach to study. Most of the other online language outfits view language as a complex set of grammatical rules that must be learned in a sequential order. For example, the verb “to go” must be committed to memory before understanding other verb tenses. Other language educational online platforms also emphasize grammar and memorizing exhaustive vocabulary lists.

In contrast, this program puts special emphasis on the cultural context of words and phrases, providing the student with real-world examples as they are spoken by native speakers.

Spearheaded by a Language Activist

It’s clear that the founder is passionate about language. What began as a personal project to learn his ethnic language of Circassian evolved into a 10-year journey of studying how languages are learned across a variety of programs. After learning Circassian, Yamisha discovered a shortcut to how to learn a new language. He decided to share this information with anyone eager to learn a language, whether it be Circassian or French, Spanish, Italian, German, or Russian.

Unlike other language companies that are helmed by faceless CEOs or hands-off venture capitalists, Yamisha infuses his intensity and devotion to language into each and every course on offer. His passion is evident in the program’s approach and instruction materials. For language learners looking for a study program that comes from the heart, they will find it here in Jonty’s brainchild.

Several Languages to Choose from Appeal to Any New Student

OptiLingo currently offers several different language courses, with more on the horizon. No matter the language students attempt to pick up, the program touts that a language can be learned in hours, not years.

Of course, this makes the program attractive for anyone, from recent grads eager to travel during their “gap year” abroad, anyone who has family ties to another country and want to connect to their roots, those relocating abroad for work or school, retirees who plan to travel or anyone who simply wants to learn a new language for the fun of it.

No matter the objective, the program offers free plans as well as paid plans, the latter of which are exceedingly affordable.

Returning to the Roots – Our First Language

Creator Jonty Yamisha has said he modeled his program on how toddlers learn language, by listening and speaking high-frequency words in distinctive and relevant contexts.

The course of study is designed around the cultural relevance of the language, ensuring that words and phrases acquired will be pertinent to the student’s intentions, whether it be traveling, working, or living alongside native speakers. In this way, students learn a bit about the culture that attracted them to adopting the new language in the first place, while learning the language at the same time. The result? A more intuitive, flexible, and playful approach to learning a new language.

Study Smarter with Spaced Repetition Systems

OptiLingo’s Spaced Repetition Systems, or SRS is the study plan of choice with this program. It’s a Five-Day plan in which students study their lessons 30-minute per day. The study plan provides a bit of structure but is flexible enough so that students can customize the material and time commitment based on how much time they have available to invest throughout the week. Because the material is introduced bit-by-bit, students don’t feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content that must be learned when picking up a new language. Instead, the study plan is task and goal-oriented, flexible, and fun.

With an emphasis on repetition and self-testing, students have plenty of opportunity to visit and re-visit the material until it’s committed to their long-term memory. Because there is a self-test at the end of every 5-Day week, students don’t feel under pressure to cram for the test. They can take the test and revisit any previously learned material at their leisure, ensuring course material is understood and retained long-term.

A Standout Language Learning Program

OptiLingo and its groundbreaking immersive learning method, combined with the Spaced Repetition Systems Five-Day study plan, is a powerful trifecta for new language learners.

The language education products on the market are numerous, however anyone with a passion for language and culture simply cannot go wrong with this program.

Pioneered by a language activist, the affection for languages by its founder is evident in each and every course, bolstering students’ enthusiasm for learning a new language to achieve their level of language fluency goals.

UPDATE: For a limited time, you can get started with OptiLingo for just $9.99.

Price:Free and Paid plans. Introductory Rate $9.99
Languages Offered: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Competitor Products: Babbel, Rosetta Stone, Berlitz Languages, Linguatronics, Live Lingua

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