It has been said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Quite often, people judge your business or brand based on your website. If your site leaves prospective customers with a poor impression, they might not be interested to learn more about your business or even make a purchase. This is why you need to create a website that is visually appealing as well as functional.     

Here are some blunders to avoid when building your website:

1. Poor navigation

Your website navigation should help visitors to find what they are looking for quickly. Poor navigation will only result in a high bounce rate, less site visits and lower conversions. Make sure all your navigation menus are prominently positioned on your pages. They should also be clearly labeled to give visitors an idea of where the links will lead them. If your site includes multiple categories, you could consider having multi-level menus.   

2. Failing to make use of white space

Failing to leave enough white space around your content will make your website appear cluttered. As a result, visitors might feel overwhelmed and leave for a different site. White space can be very useful for improving your website’s readability. Be sure to leave some space between your subheadings and paragraphs. Use images to break up long blocks of text. This will make your content look organized and encourage visitors to read through. Don’t forget to leave plenty of white space around your CTAs in order to draw the attention to the offer.

3. Not optimizing your call to action (CTA)

The purpose of a call to action is to prompt visitors to take some kind of action. This could be signing up for your newsletter, joining a webinar or sharing your content. CTAs come in different forms, including plain text, images and buttons. Your CTA should appear prominently at the top and bottom of your page. It should have contrasting colors to make it stand out against the rest of the content. Make sure your CTA buttons are large enough to click on. Finally, the message on the CTA should be concise and clear to boost conversions.

4. Failing to align elements with your brand

Your website should be a reflection of your brand personality. If the elements on your website are not aligned with your brand, visitors might get confused. Proper branding on your website and social media channels strengthens your brand’s messaging, attitude, values and personality. It helps people remember who you are and build trust. Therefore, make sure the color scheme and fonts used on your website are consistent with your brand. Your logo should also appear prominently on all the pages of your site.

5. Annoying features

Does your website have menus or forms that pop-up when a visitor is browsing? Is there a video or music that plays automatically when your pages load? Such features will only annoy your visitors and drive them away to the competition. Look for alternative solutions to pop-ups and turn off autoplay music and videos. 

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