How Technology Is Improving Our Lives

Technology has been improving our lives for years and years. No longer are we stuck in the dark ages, literally, where a candle was all we needed to light a room. No longer are we reading or socially interacting for entertainment, we have the humble television. These are all little things that we could now not live our life without, but are they improving it? Well, if we’re talking about lighting, then yes. If we’re talking about the TV, for a lot of people it can actually be damaging if they’re spending too much time in front of it. But if there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that technology as a whole is really improving our life, and the quality of the life we want to leave. The future of technology is only set to improve this further. So, today we’re going to explore a little about what technology has done for us, and what the future might hold.

Improving Fun

This is the first and most major point we’re going to make. Technology has made our lives so much more fun than it used to be. Granted, without technology people would have made fun in their own ways, and some would say that is better than what technology has done for us. But for this generation, it’s the best creation in the world. There’s so many bits of tech being design purely to improve the fun in people’s lives, here’s just a few of them.

First you’ve got the cool little gadgets, one that seems to be rising in popularity is the drone. Drones can be a nightmare to some, and have even caused troubles at some of the biggest airports around the world. But to others, they’re a fascinating little bit of tech that they could spend all day flying around. Drones as standard are pretty expensive, so if you’ve not got a bit of cash to spare, we wouldn’t recommend getting one. Even the most basic of drones are really expensive. But if you do, you’re in for a lot of fun. They have some really good cameras that allow you to get some amazing videos of landscapes that you wouldn’t usually be able to reach. Just make sure you’re a pro at flying one before you decide to fly it over a lake for example, the last thing you want is hundreds or thousands of pounds being thrown down the drain.

The second bit of tech that we think is bringing endless fun to families across the world is gaming consoles. Some parents will never understand how to work or play a PS4 or Xbox, but to their children it’s the best product in the world. There’s so many different games to appeal to a wide variety of people. There’s even games suitable for children to make sure they’re not getting sucked into the whole violence side of things. As for making it fun for the family, you’ve got consoles such as the Nintendo Switch which allows people to compete on fun games against each other. It’s portable so you could take it on family trips anywhere for you, and it’s great fun on a little family get together night.

Improving Health

Health is a big worry to some people, and often to people in poor health technology can just seem like a complicated nightmare. But there are bits of tech out there whose aim is to really improve the quality of life of others. The bits of tech that don’t promise to cure, but they do promise to aid. Without them, our health probably wouldn’t be as easy to manage as it would have been 50 years ago. Technology is also helping improve our health behind the scenes. If it wasn’t for the power of technology, and the brilliant minds of scientists, we wouldn’t have half the cures we do have today for certain types of conditions and treatments, and we wouldn’t have been able to come up with ways to improve quality of life. Here’s just bits of tech whose main goal is it improve quality of life where health might be affected.

The first one you’ve got is the humble phone. A phone on its own is a nightmare for someone who is either hearing impaired, or visually impaired. It’s generally older people who suffer with trying to press the right buttons, and trying to hear what someone is actually saying. If you know someone in this situation, what you need to do is check out the best phones for the hearing impaired 2018: reviewed and rated, and see if they would be suitable for someone who you know is struggling a bit. As for sight, there are some phones where the buttons are a considerable amount larger than on a normal phone, making them one, easy to press, and two, easy to actually see. The older generations are the worst for rejecting technology, but in cases like this, it really is wise that they have a phone just in case something goes wrong when they’re out in public, or away from the phone in their home.

Another way technology has improve our health is through the creation of things such as stairlifts. When an older person is struggling to get around the home, the stairs are often the most difficult and dangerous part. If they’re struggling with things such as arthritis, it can really be a pain to get up and down the stairs. Whilst it might take the average healthy young adult 10 seconds to get up the stairs, it can take someone who’s a bit older and struggling anywhere up to an hour to actually get up and down the stairs. But, the humble stair lift can take all the stress and risks away. All they have to do is sit down, pull a lever, and carefully get off at the top. The stairs can often aggravate conditions such as arthritis, so it really is a godsend for some.

Improving Home Life

Home life has always been a nightmare to most families, especially moms. Maintaining a home is just a pain when you’ve already been out all day at work or running errands, and the kids insist on throwing toys in every possible direction to undo the hard cleaning work that might have already been done. Thankfully however, technology is on hand to try and make things a little easier, here’s how.

First you’ve got the tools that are actually going to aid household chores such as hoovering. Hoovering is one of the most boring an exhausting household chores, but bits of tech such as the robot hoover is here to make things a whole lot easier for you. You can set it to go about its business when you’re out of the house as well, so there’s no chance of kids chasing it and taking it off its path. It works by mapping out your home beforehand, then going around and literally hoovering up every bit of carpet or flooring that you need doing. Granted, there is a lot of improvement that’s actually needed here. A lot of them insist on just hitting into walls all of the time, or malfunctioning half way through and just not doing anything. For the most part, they really do work and they really do save moms and dads all over the world a lot of effort. But it’s just going to be a case of trial and error with the companies producing them with regards to fixing the bugs that they might have.

Improving Schools

Schools have actually long rejected technology. Apart from the computer rooms where lessons such as IT would take place, schools have been pretty much anti technology. That was of course until things such as the interactive whiteboard came into play, and ever since then the technology that schools have been using has just gone from strength to strength. That’s because whilst technology can be a huge distraction for children, it can also be the one thing that they can connect with to help them learn. For example, a lot of schools are now using Ipads to help children learn core subjects such as maths and science. There is restrictions on such pieces of tech like this so that the teachers know their students are definitely doing the work and not scrolling through Facebook! It can also really help children who struggle to learn through teacher’s just talking away. A lot of the Ipads help children learn through interactive games etc. However, schools are still plagued with the nightmare that is phones, and trying to get children to stay off them whilst in school. Some do argue that children are now being allowed mobile phones way too young now, but it’s ultimately up the parent when they decide to start giving their child a phone.

Now you can see a wide variety of reasons as to why technology is improving our lives. The quality of our lives would definitely be back in the stone age if it wasn’t for the advancements that we’ve made in previous years.

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