With so many career paths to follow in life, it can be very hard to narrow down your options and figure out what path is right for you. For many that “right path” ends up being a Master of Public Health through such institutions as the University of South Dakota which offers online MPH program no GRE required. For those who are on the fence and unsure if a master of public health would set them up for the kind of career future that interests them, here are some of the top reasons it’s worth pursuing.

Diverse Career Options

One of the top reasons people look into the field of public health is because there are so many different types of careers in the field. Popular career choices include an assistant public health professor, assistant professor of epidemiology, assistant environmental scientist, child health specialist, clinical infectious disease specialist and chief medical officer. What this means is that you have plenty of room for growth and professional development all throughout your career.

The Field is Growing

There is also the fact that the demand for those with a public health degree is growing. Take a look at health educators and community health workers for example. This field is expected to grow by 16% by the year 2026, which is much faster than the national average. If you want to be able to find a job out of school rather quickly, then a field that is growing seems like the best way to go about it.

Work to Better the Lives of Others

Working in the healthcare industry is also perfect for those who have a desire to better the lives of others. While you may not necessarily be in that doctor-patient relationship, there is still a benefit for the public. A child health specialist is a perfect example of this relationship. These are people who work to improve the well-being and health of children, which means you’ll be having a pretty substantial impact on their lives.

A Desire to Find Solutions to Medical and Health Issues

There are also those who want to do what they can to take on the big issues in the health industry and find solutions to them. Careers in such paths as biostatistics and epidemiology can provide you with that perfect opportunity to make an impact. It may be through studies, law, or even public policy that you are able to make these changes.

You Like Each Day to Feel New and Challenging

If you’re the type who can’t picture yourself at a desk job where each and every day is the same, then a job in public health can certainly give you that fresh challenge that you’re after. Each day can seem different than the next, which keeps things exciting and keeps you motivated.

A Robust and Rewarding Career Path

There is absolutely no doubt about it, choosing a career in public health can prove to be a very robust and rewarding path to follow.

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