There are a number of different reasons that someone might hire an escort for the evening. There are both male and female escorts out there, and they cater to both male and female clients, but the majority of working escorts are women.

Throughout human history, escorting has existed in some form or another. As with any other industry, the nature of an escort’s life, both personal and professional, has changed considerably over the last few decades.

The Escort Profession
Today, the profession still has some negative connotations and associations surrounding it. However, while there is certainly a healthy and valid debate to be had surrounding the morality of turning sex into a commodity, escorting is more complex than this. It is not the same as prostitution.

In fact, many people incorrectly believe that escorting is nothing but a euphemism for prostitution. In reality, many escort services are intended to do just that – to escort. There are escort men and women out there to cater to other men and women, regardless of their tastes or circumstances. Even for those who have no desire to ever use the services of an escort themselves, there is an air of mystery and intrigue surrounding the world of escorts.

If you are considering approaching an escort service for the first time, you will likely have a number of questions. As exciting and exhilarating as the prospect of hiring an escort can be, it is also a nerve-wracking one. There is an endless variety of reasons why people ultimately choose to approach an escort. In some cases, people are simply too busy to dedicate much time to finding romantic partners. In such cases, an escort can provide some much-needed physical intimacy.

In other cases, an escort might be hired to accompany someone while they are socializing. When attending certain types of business or other networking events, having an attractive man or woman on your arm can be quite an important status symbol.

The following are some of the most common questions and concerns that people have when they first consider approaching an escort. If you are nervous about the whole thing then hopefully reading this article will help to alleviate your concerns and put your mind at ease with events.

How do Escorts Dress?

Just as in virtually every other walk of life, the way that escorts dress varies considerably between individuals and between scenarios. In many cases, escorts will be used to dressing according to the client’s wishes. This is important if they are accompanying you to any kind of formal event with its own dress code.

Whether you are planning to arrange to meet the escort at the event, or you want to meet them at your home beforehand and then head to the event together, most clients prefer that their escort not show up in a mini skirt, a tight tee-shirt, and absurdly high heels. Escorting is a career which demands discretion. Because of this, you can be confident that any escort you hire through a reputable service will be discreet and will understand the importance of remaining anonymous.

If discretion is important to you then it is even more important than usual that you make sure you investigate and vet any service that you are considering using. The most well-established and popular services, such as Angels of London incall services come with a guarantee of discretion.

When it comes to the more intimate part of the evening – assuming that is on the cards – escorts will generally be happy to dress according to the client’s preferences. As always, if you have any specific preferences or tastes in this regard, you should discuss it with your escort beforehand.

Recording the Experience

Just as there are many reasons that someone might hire an escort, there are many reasons they might wish to record them. However, as you might imagine, these requests usually occur within the context of sexual activity. It is important to remember that, even if there has already been an agreement that you will have sex, the rules of consent do not change.

The fact that you are offering to pay, or even already have paid, for your escort’s time does not entitle you to anything from them and you must still obtain consent. If you wish to record any activity between you and your escort, then you should speak to them beforehand. Make sure that, regardless of any prior discussions, you confirm their consent before you begin recording.

The Price

There is no set price for escorts; prices will vary between individuals and between businesses. You should have a good idea of what the price will be before you meet with your escort. As with most self-employed people, escorts have a life outside of work and, therefore, a schedule to keep. They will need you to be where you say when you say you will be there.
Pricing structures can vary depending on the service and your requirements. Some escorts will charge you for their time, regardless of what you do with it. Others will charge you different rates for different activities. Speak to your escort beforehand to ensure that you are both clear on the expected charges.

Dealing with Nerves

It is perfectly natural to feel nervous before you see an escort for the first time. The kind of worries and anxieties that people often feel are similar to those that we feel when entering intimate situations with someone new. But what is the most effective way of fighting these nerves?

The nature of most people’s interactions with their escorts, and the kind of locations that they usually work in mean that alcohol is often on hand. While it can be tempting to turn to alcohol as a means of coping with the nerves, alcohol can cause its own problems. For one thing, alcohol can impair your judgment and while a little alcohol is an effective social lubricant, too much can easily lead to a negative experience.

It is perfectly natural to be worried and nervous about hiring an escort for the first time. Many people have the wrong image of escorting. The industry as it exists today is a safe and regulated one. If you hire an escort through a professional service, you can be confident that everything is above board.

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