The electric car revolution is on its way, after governments around the world have started to announce the years they will stop the sale of new petrol and diesel cars. The UK and France have said they will do so from 2040, while India is aiming for 2030 and Norway as soon as 2025. A future with only electric cars looks like it could become a reality sooner rather than later. While the obvious change will be on our roads, it will have a wider impact on the world too.

What Would a World with Only Electric Cars Look Like? 1

Changes to Driving

As more and more new cars manufactured become electric with a battery rather than engine, things could change on our roads. It should be a lot quieter on the whole, as electric cars produce less noise, and hopefully city air especially will become cleaner. Infrastructure may change too, with petrol stations likely to change and include more electric charging points rather than fuel pumps. Combining with advancing technology, electric cars could develop greater connectivity with gadgets, phones and other vehicles.   

Buying a Car

The process of buying a new or used car is unlikely to change that much. There will be a few different factors to look out for, such as the battery’s range and specific charging requirements. A shift to buying electric cars online could happen as well, given the convenience this provides. Details such as needing an Audi warranty for your new car could take in considerations such as the car’s battery to influence price.

Impact on Jobs

One area a world with only electric cars might have a negative impact is on the jobs market. Electric vehicles generally require a lot less labour in the manufacturing process and in general maintenance than for petrol and diesel engines. In Germany alone this is expected to see around 600,000 jobs go by 2030. As robots and machinery develops too, the jobs in vehicle manufacturing will probably slow down anyway.

Global Politics and Economy

Countries with high levels of oil production and that rely on this to fuel their economies will be under a lot of stress. Demand is likely to slow down, causing potential political disruption if other nations withdraw their orders. Petrol and diesel taxes are also a good source of funding for many governments, and these will also disappear eventually. Instead, countries will need to think about alternative ways to replace these critical financial sources.

A world with only electric cars is an exciting and progressive one, though it could introduce a few problems as well.

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