Top Tips to Keep Your Baby Healthy Throughout the Year

Happy babies are a joy to be around, but problems with illness can arise which can potentially wreak havoc for caregivers. One of the factors that can affect the happiness of your baby is good health. It goes with the territory that a well-rested, well-fed and active baby will be happier in terms of a piece of mind. Babies, especially those who are newly born, can be easily vulnerable to infections and viruses, and it is necessary to know some basic tips to keep sickness away and ensure that the baby is healthy.


Babies, unlike adults, are unable to communicate if they are thirsty. Sometimes even full-grown adults are unable to understand that their bodies are getting dehydrated. The caregiver should take care, particularly in hot, humid weather, that the child gets enough fluids. A newborn or very young baby can benefit a lot from breastfeeding, and bottle feeding babies who are old enough to eat some solids can have fresh juice and juicy fruits.

Washing hands

An important factor to take care of is that the baby’s hands are washed before they eat any solid foods, before and after they play with their toys, and after they touches any foreign surface or object. The caregiver’s hands need to be washed frequently as well to prevent spreading germs.

Cleaning and disinfecting household objects

Cleaning the items that the baby is regularly exposed to is very important. The baby’s toys, any surfaces they regularly move around on- everything from the baby food feeder bottle and the pacifier to the stroller- all of these have to be cleaned for good hygiene.

Sun exposure

Babies can do well with a healthy amount of Vitamin D, the most natural source for which is sunlight. Just be sure to be aware if your baby is in the sun from approximately 11 A.M.-3 P.M., when the UV rays are the most harmful and the sun hotter than healthier for the child. The baby will benefit from special baby sunscreen, caps, hats and full but breathable clothing if they need to be out in the sun for a while.

Nap time

Babies are naturally energetic and love to move around, but it is important that they get a good amount of rest. It is important to make sure that the baby lies down for a couple of naps a day. It’s easy to make a baby sleep by singing or reading softly to him.

Maintaining a routine

Babies’ health responds well to schedules. Pick a basic time for him to eat, to take naps, to go outdoors, and any other activity you have planned for your baby. Try not to break the routine, because routine activity serves well to boost the baby’s energy, keeps the small body and its processes functioning smoothly, and is a healthy habit for the long run.

Last but not the least, spend time with the baby and take an interest in their daily activities. Regular communication and interaction makes babies very happy, and thus, healthy.

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