Master The Art Of Relieving Stress

In the twenty-first century, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the only way you can seek solace from your stress-filled life is to embark on a daily dose of mindfulness, whisk yourself away to some retreat and spend two weeks on a stress relieving healthy eating green smoothie laden detox. You don’t have to wait to speak before holding a talking stick, spend your time wandering around pretty gardens in silence or mingle with hippie-esque dreadlocked folk. While this might be the route some people choose to help them with the pressures of family life, their ridiculously demanding boss at work and an innate inability to sleep, others choose to go down quite a different path.

For some people, the act of being sedate and serene doesn’t come naturally. Instead of chanting oms, sitting cross-legged in silence meditating and honing their downward dog yoga pose, they’d rather be relinquishing their stress by punching something, doing something physical and seeing their endorphin count within their bloodstream surge. The art of relieving stress doesn’t have to be all relaxation and tranquility; it can also be powerful, physical and aggressive in a controlled way. Take a look at how you can master the art of relieving stress and become fitter, healthier and happier in the process.

Gym Bunny

If you love nothing more than heading to the gym but find it hard to make time for any extracurricular pursuits because of long hours at work or family commitments, it’s vital that you start making time. The alternative would be to see your stress levels heighten to a point that has a detrimental effect on your physical and mental health. Get down to the gym and head to your favorite piece of equipment. The act of exercising really does make you feel good about yourself, feel fitter, stronger, healthier and more confident. As you do your thirty-minute interval training on the treadmill, you’ll find yourself forgetting about work and worrying less about what has gone on during the day.

You might prefer the rower or a spin class. Whatever your exercise of choice, make sure you allow yourself to head to the gym three times a week. Developing a regular routine gives you a chance to look forward to your next session. If the gym doesn’t really do it for you, head to the soccer pitch with pals, take part in a kickboxing class or learn a martial art and enjoy the self-discipline that comes along with it. Any form of exercise can negate the negative and depressing feelings you have towards other aspects of your life and can act as some much-needed respite.

Master The Art Of Relieving Stress 1Have Fun

It can be hard when suffering from stress to see the wood for the trees. Other aspects of your life can lose their importance, and you can develop insomnia as the only thing you can think about is your stress-inducing situation. Take any opportunity that you have to experience something fun. Doing something with friends can be ideal. For the ultimate stress relieving experience, why not take part in the finest form of controlled violence as possible. Complete with a safety briefing, expert tuition and an outdoors environment, you can take part in a range of paintballing games in a team setting. Whether you are trying to capture the opposing team’s flag, trying to escape the clutches of a rival paintballing team or you are taking part in target practice, you can focus 100% on a truly unique experience rather than worrying about your all-encompassing stress-inducing issues.

Master The Art Of Relieving Stress 2Do Something Out Of The Ordinary

If you are a natural adrenaline junkie, the thought of a bungee jump, leaping out of a plane or taking part in a mountain climb is exciting and awe-inspiring. You are literally salivating waiting for the green light to leap of that bridge before bouncing back up on a single piece of think elastic. For those with a more gentle stomach and who don’t enjoy the thought of taking part in a death-defying activity, the thought of a skydive is nothing short of terror-inducing. However, by challenging yourself to do something far outside your comfort zone, you can banish the stress-inducing situations from your mind.

While the run-up to paragliding can leave you with butterflies and anxiety, it is the after effect that you are really searching for. Completing an activity that has challenged you both mentally and physically can leave you with renewed self-confidence and resilience. The fact that your boss expects you to give a presentation at a moment’s notice no longer seems as important as you have taken part in such a life-affirming activity.

Another way of adding an element of self-worth to your challenge is to complete it on behalf of a charity or for a good cause. You may wish to run a marathon for a charity close to your heart or have a go at doing some wacky endurance challenge like sitting in a bathtub full of jelly for twenty-four hours.Whatever you choose to do, the more philanthropic act will make you feel better about yourself and give you something other than your stress-inducing issues to think about.

Mindfulness has its place in society. For millions across the globe, the act of quiet reflection and altering the way they approach a problem has revolutionized their mental health. You may even choose to learn the art of mindfulness in conjunction with these more physical and challenging activities to tackle your stress from numerous fronts. Medical professionals are often still needed when stress begins to impact on your ability to function and remain healthy. It’s important that you utilize them as and when needed. The key thing is to find what works for you and stick with it. It’s vital that you can look after yourself and master the art of relieving stress.

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