Why Hollywood’s Latest News Story Should Make You Think Again About Theft

While this year’s Academy Awards didn’t offer any major drama compared to the infamous La La Land/Moonlight mix-up of last year, it seems there was plenty of drama offstage. ‘Best Actress’ winner Frances McDormand, who stole the show in the outstanding Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri, was the victim of theft as her newly engraved Oscar statuette was stolen at the Governors Ball.

While McDormand’s award was returned shortly afterwards, and the culprit arrested, the incident does raise some serious questions about theft. If something as iconic as an Oscar can be stolen in what would presumably be a high-security arena, perhaps we all need to think a bit more about theft, and its consequences?

Why do people steal?

The question of why people steal is an interesting one. While some people steal to survive, some people steal despite having everything they could need and even be able to afford the things they’re stealing. Wynona Ryder is a famous example of someone who shoplifted despite having the money to pay for goods and almost served as a cry for help.

Speaking to Porter magazine in 2016, the actress said that the incident: “Psychologically, I must have been at a place where I just wanted to stop.” Ryder regrouped, and is now currently starring in the hugely successful Netflix series Stranger Things.

Sometimes the reasons why people steal are not so clear-cut, and there could be some emotional or mental issues leading to this change. If, for example, you were to steal an item in an incident completely out of character for you, legal help from professional lawyers could give you the defense you need.

Protecting yourself from theft

The Governors Ball is the prestigious dinner that follows the Oscars and is packed with the shiniest and brightest in Hollywood. Shiniest and brightest is literal of course, with the stars heavily adorned with precious diamonds and jewels – prime targets for any would-be thief. However, these stars aren’t simply wandering the streets, they’re in surroundings where there is high security, and plenty of cameras – so you would assume that belongings are relatively safe. However, as Frances McDormand has shown, even the most seemingly safe spaces leave a person open to theft.

So how can you protect yourself from theft? Common advice includes:

  • Keeping your valuables out of sight, preferably locked away when not in use.
  • Don’t leave your valuables unattended – phones are commonly taken by thieves when left on a table or a bar.
  • Keep handbags on you and keep them closed – a hand over the clasp provides the ultimate security.
  • If you have GPS trackers on your electronic devices, make sure they’re activated.

Theft can happen at any time, so it’s important to be vigilant. Don’t make yourself an easy target – always take precautions.

While Hollywood can feel like a million miles away, some stories can certainly make you think. Take a look at the latest Infotainment news to get your movie, TV and music fix. With another awards season over, keep an eye out for news on the latest blockbusters looking to make a splash at next year’s awards circuit.

Why Hollywood's Latest News Story Should Make You Think Again About Theft 2
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