When it comes to taking good care of our health, one thing we often neglect is our ears. Unless we have an ear infection or some other problem with them, we tend to take our ears for granted, and apart from keeping them clean, we pretty much leave them be.

The thing is, hearing loss and other serious ear problems are much more common than we would like to think. It is, then so important that we all do more to keep our ears healthy every day.

The good news is, it is pretty easy to take good care of your ears. Here are a few things you should aim to do for better ear health:

Don’t Use Q-Tips

So many of us use Q-tips to clean out ears, but this is not a good idea because they can, and regularly do damage the ears’ delicate skin and if you push them too far into your ear, they can even rupture your eardrum. Use a good ear cleaning spray instead. This is one of the most important things you can do for better ear health.

Thoroughly Dry Ears

Whenever your ears get wet, whether that be after bathing, showering, or swimming, you just dry them thoroughly to avoid an ear canal infection. If your ears are regularly exposed to water and not dried correctly, you may need to take a course of antibiotics to sort out your ear canal.

Turn the Volume Down

If you regularly listen to music with earphones, go to gigs or work with loud equipment, it is essential you do all you can to limit the levels of noise your ears are exposed to if you don’t want to experience tinnitus or hearing loss in the future. This could mean turning your music down to safe levels or wearing ear plugs/defenders depending on the situation. You might like it loud, but you won’t like it so much when you can barely hear at all! Turn the volume down.

Don’t Fly When You Have a Cold

If you have a cold or a similar problem with your health, you should, where possible avoid getting on a flight because the change in air pressure that happens on a plane can build up in the ear causing a painful condition where the Eustachian tube is blocked. Not only that, but the changes could even rupture your eardrum, which really is not good.

Have them Tested

If you notice that your hearing has changed in any way at all, even if the change is only slight, it is a good idea to visit a professional audiologist and have things tested. The sooner a problem is identified, the more likely it is to be solved – leave it too long, and you could end up with permanently damaged ears, and that is the last thing you want to happen.

If you haven’t been giving your ears much attention over the years, now is the time to start and doing the above things will help you with that. Hearing is so important to us that you should not risk it by being lack with your ear care routine.

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