Workplaces: Changes Over The Past decade

Ah yes, the workplace. A place that is completely different for everyone, and yet it is ever so familiar and you feel like you can have a relatable conversation about it with just about anyone. Strange isn’t it? How something is so relatable, despite being so different and changing so much over the years. Speaking of change, a lot of it has been happening in the past two decades, after all, we are nearly in 2020, and the turn of the century is feeling more and more distant, despite not really being that long ago. In fact, a lot has been changing in the last decade alone, whether its guidelines and regulations imposed on companies, or company policies cracking down on various things, a lot has most definitely changed. Is it for the worse? Is it for the better? That’s up to you to decide, but for now, let’s just look at a few notable things which have changed in the workplace over the past decade.

Different ways of thinking

As recently as a decade ago, things were looking pretty similar all around the world in most companies. People had their desk, they had their coffee machine, their water cooler, and that was just about it. Most of the time at the office was unsurprisingly spent at the desk, and in 2006, about 50% of employees said that they came up with their best ideas at their desk. This may seem like a rather useless piece of information, but it certainly turns into quite a bit of food for thought when you see that in 2016 that number has dropped significantly, to a mere 27%. That’s almost halving it completely! Is it due to the more dynamic workplaces such as the LEGO offices in London, or is it perhaps because of companies like Ogletree promoting more women in the workplace? While it is hard to say the exact reason why, it could probably be rather easily tied back to the more and more apparent levels of flexibility in the workplace.

Work outside of work

Nowadays more and more people are starting to work from home, which is both a blessing and a curse. It saves many people the trouble of having to crawl through the city during rush hour, but it also often makes people hate their own homes. Is it worth the tradeoff? Well, that’s hard to say, but in the end it usually comes down to the individual to decide what works best for them. For some people, working from home is like a dream come true, while some hate it and prefer having a predefined workspace where they can get stuck in.

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The social aspect of the office

Whereas before, a more cliche office scenario which we’ve all come to know and love (perhaps hate) over the years, everyone sitting around in cubicles minding their own business, the current shape of some of the more modern offices could not be further from that. Workspaces are becoming more dynamic, more social, and most definitely a bit more exciting. Shared facilities, being able to move around, less constricting working conditions, these all add up to usually paint a much more pleasant picture than the stereotypical office of let’s say, the 70s.

Workplaces: Changes Over The Past decade 2
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