The Ideal Operating Model for Company-Wide Agile Development

Software development can be hard work at the best of times, but it is highly possible to make the whole process seamless. The use of agile development is being worked into businesses all over the world, coming to their aid when building new apps, websites and networks.

Agile development was first coined in 2001, back when a small group of influential developers met to put together a manifesto. It went on to become a major part of how businesses continuously delivered some or all of their software solutions, involving both the people building it and the end users.

Today, there are many different models used for agile development, but which one is the best for businesses? For smaller companies that are building little more than an ecommerce website or app, the most useful is Lean Programming, which strips development to its basics. It does involve teamwork, but for those who don’t know too much about coding, it is the easiest to understand.

Thorough Testing

A major component of agile is testing by end users. This is a major part of the Scrum model, where the entire company from the boardroom to the developers work together to check that every little bit of a finished product works as it should.

Scrum begins with bringing everyone together to plan what the software should do. Then, it sees the work completed within a 30-day time limit, with testing taking place towards the end of that cycle. This model is the best for time-pressed businesses who want to beat their competition in bringing out a new piece of software.

As far as testing is concerned, this is made possible through the use of DevOps services. Provided by a company like Sogeti, DevOps helps to thoroughly test draft and final versions of software to identify flaws and suggest ways to improve performance and security. It emphasises the importance of continuous testing, even after the software has been published.

Extreme Programming

To produce high-quality software, the best agile model is Extreme Programming (XP). To use XP, it involves paying close attention to every little detail of the development process, whilst going for the simplest solution to any problems identified.

From ŧhe perspective of the programmers/developers, XP is seen as the easiest model to follow. A big part of it is respect for the work that they do, whilst its emphasis on simplicity reduces their workload. For easier jobs such as building websites or sections of websites, XP is the best agile model to work with.

Overall, when choosing an operating model, picking one over the other is difficult. Look at choosing the best elements from all of them – the simplicity of XP, the thoroughness of Scrum and the collaborative nature of both Scrum and Lean Programming. Then, you will be able to make agile work for your business.

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