Some folks are all about the healthy lifestyle. They are woke when it comes to living well, and this can be great inspiration for the rest of us. Unfortunately, through social media, we only ever get to see a glimpse of how they live, rather than the full rundown of all the details that make up a healthy life. Luckily, we have spoken to some health masters to get some of their tactics, so read on to find out what they are.

Eat to nourish

Food is a funny thing, it serves a purpose in our bodies to fuel them and help the cells regenerate and remain healthy. However, eating is also a pleasurable experience, and this is where things can get a bit messy.

Want To Get Health Woke? Follow The Example of The Masters 1

The issue arises because many people can prioritise the pleasurable bit over the nutrition part and end up eating food that tastes good on the tongue but has little to no nutritional value apart from energy. Something that we usually have in abundance anyway and so can't burn off what we take in, and it turns to fat.

Instead, why not take a leaf out of a consciously healthy person’s book and choose food that nourishes the body. The funny thing is that health nuts report when you have been eating this way for a while your body adjusts and you realise that this type of food tastes better anyway.

Limit alcohol

Having a glass or two of wine when you are at a party it's the end of the world. But if you are drinking more in one session, or even smaller amounts very regularly it can be seriously damaging to your health. That is what the health-conscious steer clear of alcohol on a daily basis and reserves if for special occasions only.

Want To Get Health Woke? Follow The Example of The Masters 2

Alcohol is limited by masters of health!

If this feels challenging than it might be a sign that you are using drinking as a method of relieving stress? Something that can develop into a maladaptive coping mechanism and lead to problems with alcohol abuse down the line. If this is something that you are concerned about, then check out the information here for some help.

Boost immune systems

Want To Get Health Woke? Follow The Example of The Masters 3Something that the health woke are very good at is taking action to boost their immune systems before they get sick.

One way to do this is to take echinacea drops or capsules. This is is a substance that is made from flower pollen and is a powerful natural antibiotic and antihistamine, making it great for folks looking to prevent infections and allergic reactions. It's also good for people in the first throws of these issues that want some extra help fighting it off.

There are also some vitamins that health-conscious people use to strengthen their immune systems. Something you can find more about at http://geritol.com/vitamin-faqs/.

Address health issues

Something that the health woke are very good at doing is address any medical issues they have quickly. This is important because not only does it mean they get the correct treatment as soon as possible, something that can help them banish or manage an illness that they do have, but also cuts down the stress of not knowing what is wrong.

Want To Get Health Woke? Follow The Example of The Masters 4

Included in this tactic of dealing with health issues as they arise rather than ignoring them, is the health conscious person's commitment to taking medicines that they are prescribed and going through with treatments that are recommended.

That means if they have pills to take at each meal time they will make a concerted effort to do that. Perhaps even getting a medication organiser, so they don't lose track or forget one. It also means that if they have physical therapy to complete they will not only go to their sessions but will also do the practice routine that they are given to work through at home to ensure a speedy recovery.

Of course, such treatment isn't always cheap, and that is why more health conscious people turn to injury lawyers when they are involved in an incident that wasn't their fault. The reason being that the compensation the lawyers can win can be used to pay for medical treatments that will enable them to get back to full health as quickly as possible.

Process emotions

Some folks are still under the misapprehension that the physical self and the emotional self are separate entities and don't affect each other at all. However, recent research in the areas has demonstrated that emotional difficulties can have a noticeable physical effect on how the body functions and whether it can maintain good health.

That is why the health conscious make time in their lives to process the emotional experiences as well as their official ones. To do this the health conscious use method such as mindfulness, transcendental meditation, exercise, and even the simple act walking in nature.

All you need to do is find one that suits you and practice this regularly enough that stress and worry don't take over your mental state.

Move their body

Obviously, the health conscious are into exercise and moving their body, but they have some secrets that seem to have passed by the rest of us.

The first is that they pick methods of exercise that are fun for them. In fact, you won't find the truly health-conscious buying in the latest fads in exercise methods or classes. Instead, they will know what suits their body and mind best and pursue that as a means of keeping fit and healthy.

The second secret that we can learn from the health conscious is that they don't pigeonhole body movement only into time set aside for exercise.

Want To Get Health Woke? Follow The Example of The Masters 5

Instead, they embrace moving their body whenever they can. Be it walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift, going for a walk at lunchtime instead on sitting at their desk and surfing social media, or sticking some music on and vacuuming the whole house while dancing around.

For the health conscious, that means movement is a part of the tapestry of their everyday life, and to get healthier the rest of us need to make it that way too!

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