Is It Still Safe To Travel Solo?

Or, perhaps a better question would be: has it ever been safe to travel solo? It is an undeniably romantic notion that you can hop on a plane to travel anywhere in the world by yourself and go on an adventure, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe. The truth is it can be quite dangerous. Every year, tourists accidentally stumble into dangerous situations, and this is far from surprising. After all, places like Africa and Vietnam – some of the most beautiful places in the world – are also some of the most dangerous. Here are a few things you need to think about before traveling solo.

Where Are You Going?

This is the first question that you need to ask because some places are safer than others. For instance, traveling to somewhere like Edinburgh in Scotland isn’t quite the same as traveling to the outbacks of Australia. Indeed, in Australia’s outbacks, thousands of people go missing, often never to be seen again. You also need to be careful about thinking that the danger is the same as one place as it is in another. For instance, Paris – the place with the world’s highest rate of carjackings – is still safer than certain parts of Africa.

You also need to be aware of the social and political climate in the country. You can find a helpful list of the most dangerous countries to visit on The best way to check whether a country is safe to travel is to check the official stance of your country. Obviously, if flights aren’t even traveling there this is probably a good sign it’s not safe. You may also find it has the equivalent of an amber warning, suggesting that travelers should be careful.

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Can You Handle Yourself

If you are traveling alone, it’s best to make sensible choices. Learn the local language and that way; if you do get in trouble, you will at least be in a position to ask for help. As well as this, by learning the local language, you won’t stand out as much in the country. Instead, you will be able to blend in more and won’t be one of the tourists that local criminals might target.

You may also want to take some self-defense classes. This could be particularly valuable if you are going to be traveling urban areas by yourself. Even London – a prime hotspot in the UK for tourists – is known for muggings.

Is There An Alternative?

You might want to consider whether there’s another option rather than just traveling by yourself. According to, you can travel as a group even if you are flying solo. You’ll find that on adventure holidays like this there are lots of other people just like you. You’ll still get your room, but when you’re traveling and visiting sites you’ll have safety in numbers.

Has It Always Been This Way?

Perhaps you are one of the people who believe that in the past it was safe to travel by yourself. But nothing could be further from the truth. Travelers flying solo have always been targeted, and you can’t even see some of the most beautiful places in the world without someone with you. Take the Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls. This can only be visited safely with a fully trained guide.

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