Modern Air Pollution Control Technologies

Large companies, SMEs and the public at large are increasingly keen to find solutions that will help make them become greener. Environmental issues are high on everyone’s agenda, with issues such as air pollution and water pollution now well documented concerns. Here we examine some of the modern air pollution control technologies.

Go Electric

One of the most significant factors that offers a solution to poor air quality is the electric car. Moving away from fossil fuels, particularly diesel would make a huge impact, however, it will have to done quickly and adopted globally if it is to have the impact that environmentalists are predicting we need.

Companies such as Tesla are at the vanguard of green automotive technology with designs for electric vehicles such as the Model 3. While these vehicles may serve as a prototype of sorts for other car manufacturers to follow, the company is having problems delivering the product en masse.

Where older cars continue to be used the use of hydrogen fuel additives could help make a difference. These are added to the fuel and makes it more efficient, thus less of it is used.

Industry Solutions

A number of industry solutions are readily available to those who are willing to invest. Cutting edge engineering and technology are the reasons why companies like ERG Air Pollution Control are making such a big impact.

The products they produce,and supply include odour control systems and toxic waste destruction systems. Used in industry, such systems constitute a marked reduction in the depletion of our air water quality.

Abandon the Wood Burning Stove

Recent controversy over the increased use of wood burning stoves in London, has highlighted how domestic factors is still a major concern when it comes to air pollution.

The Telegraph published an article in 2017, titled “Air Pollution in London passes levels in Beijing… and wood burners are making problem worse”. In the article, London Mayor Sadiq Khan commented that the air quality in London is now a “health crisis”. Abandoning or restricting the use of wood burning stoves would prove to be another small step in the right direction.

Super-Efficient Heating Systems

Many eco homes now feature super-efficient heating systems and these used inside a well-insulated and ait tight house could hold the key, not only to greater green efficiency but also to eliminating heating bills.

Done properly, homes that use solar panels can generate so much energy that they are able to sell some to the National Grid and therefore cancel out any energy bills they may have incurred.

A holistic approach is, of course, what is required if we are to make a real impact on the issue of air pollution and each of the elements outlined above, combined, offer a significant part of that approach.

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