How to boost your job satisfaction

Around half of all American workers are dissatisfied with their jobs. The lower your level of satisfaction, the less happy you will be, and you’ll also have a far more negative attitude and lower motivation to complete any tasks assigned to you. You’ll also be less productive and less loyal to the company you are working for.

Considering that the average person will spend around 90,360 hours at work, it’s a good idea to ensure those hours are as happy and productive as possible, both for your own sake and for the sake of the person paying your paycheck. Read on for a few tips on how to ensure you start each working day full of boundless enthusiasm and lasts all the way through to clocking off time.

Change jobs

Although changing jobs may seem to be the most straightforward way to increase your level of job satisfaction, in reality, it might not be quite so simple. Whenever anyone changes jobs, they go through a “honeymoon” phase which leads to a temporary boost in satisfaction. However, after a few months, the effect of this boost with begin to decline and levels of job satisfaction will start to fall again.

Research suggests that the older you are, the more satisfaction you are likely to obtain by switching jobs, though there is never a guarantee that any such move will improve your levels of happiness at all, let alone in the long term. The best attitude is to acknowledge in advance that your levels of satisfaction will rise and fall over the course of your career.

As workers gain more experience and get older, they either get promoted or move into better-paying jobs and this can provide a significant boost to job satisfaction. In fact, research has found that even if you end up doing the same job for the same company, but you receive a pay rise, your level of satisfaction will increase.

Become part of a team

Feeling more connected to your co-workers can increase your job satisfaction level. This is, at least, because it makes the process of going into the office each day far less daunting and demoralizing. Feeling that you are part of a team that is working towards a greater purpose can also be hugely beneficial in this regard.

Boosting levels of job satisfaction is even more important if you are the owner of a business. If your employees are dissatisfied all the time, they will underperform, and your business will suffer as a result. Unhappy employees are also more likely to leave and seek positions elsewhere, disrupting ongoing business and robbing your team of its most experienced members.

Encouraging clear communication, a sense of camaraderie and teamwork can all boost employee morale and with it, each employee’s overall job satisfaction. You don’t need everyone to become best friends, but you need to create an atmosphere where no one feels uncomfortable or agitated by their co-workers and instead feels uplifted by them and excited to be part of a dynamic team.

Put some time aside during the business day to arrange regular company events so that people can really get to know one another without the pressures of work hanging directly over them. Although such events could also be arranged outside business hours, this may mean that some employees would be unable to attend due to family and other commitments, leaving them out of the loop and potentially lowering their personal levels of work satisfaction.

Improve your home life

We all have a busy life outside of work and ensuring your home is a welcoming sanctuary will inevitably improve your performance at work. If you create a home where you can relax and unwind after the pressure of the working day, you’ll find you will return to work in a better mood and more productive state of mind.

A study of the work and sex habits of married employees conducted by researchers at Oregon State University has found that those workers who make sex a priority at home were more likely to be engaged at work the following day.

According to Keith Leavitt, an associate professor at OSU’s College of Business, the old joke about people having a “spring” in their step the following morning is actually rooted in reality. His study found that the positive social, physiological and emotional benefits of having sex linger for around 24 hours and are present in both men and women. Employees who engaged in sex the night before going to work not only found they were more engaged but also reported an elevated mood and higher levels of job satisfaction. This means that, if you or your partner are dissatisfied with the state of your sex life for any reason, your performance at work could be suffering, and it’s an issue worth addressing. There are solutions available online to assist you to relight the spark in the bedroom, such as a Bathmate device. You’ll find plenty of advice on the manufacturer website, along with instructions showing you exactly how to use Bathmate, so you won’t have to wait long until you start to see the benefits.

Make your work more meaningful

Those employees who view their work as being particularly meaningful tend to report higher levels of job satisfaction. For work to be meaningful, it must first make sense in that the employee must know exactly why they are doing what they do. If you view your work as being meaningful, it also means that you can see exactly how each little task you accomplish helps your company achieve its greater goals. Meaningful work is also that which in some way benefits the greater good, either because it is of benefit to others or the world as a whole.

While not every kind of work can fulfill these criteria, there are many ways in which work can be made more meaningful. If, for example, you are a dissatisfied senior employee and you are asked to mentor a newer member of staff, helping them to develop the necessary skills that will enable them to progress through the company, this in itself can add extra meaning to each you spend at work.

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