How to Recharge Your Fitness Regime

Falling into a rut with your fitness routine is problematic and can have multiple deleterious effects. When the routine becomes rote, you can start to feel bored and may eventually give up these healthy activities entirely. Instead of evading workouts, you can explore ways to bring new life into your current program.

Participate in a Team Sport

You may have surrendered your fitness routine due to a lack of social interaction. Therefore, joining a team sport can help you to resolve that issue since positive social bonds are one effect of participating in this type of athletic activity.

If you’re thinking that you lack the athletic skills necessary to join a team, don’t worry about it. Many communities offer casual or club sports for people who are in it for the fun and exercise and not as much for the competition. On the other hand, you can join competitive leagues if that approach is more your style.

Workout Outside

Staring at the walls of the gym or the tiles of your basement floor can decrease your motivation as well. Instead of resigning your workouts solely to indoor spaces, look for inspiration in the natural world. If you’ve chosen to participate in a sport, consider one where the games happen outside.

You can also jump off the treadmill and go for a run or walk around the neighborhood instead. Using a tracking device can allow you to see how many miles you’ve gone. Plenty of neighborhoods also have groups of people who run or walk together, so you can make some new friends too. Joining a group is also useful if you don’t like to walk around alone.

Switch the Time

The time of the day when you’re currently working out might not be the best fit for your schedule. For example, if you tend to exercise after work but are so exhausted by the time your shift is over, you may not put that much effort into the routine or you may simply skip it more days than not.

While waking up earlier in the morning might seem like an unpleasant prospect, give it a try for at least a couple of weeks. You may find that you enjoy waking up earlier to workout because it allows you to have more energy during the day and more time to relax when you return home from work.

On the other hand, if your current morning workouts are growing dull, think about a switch to a program that allows you to exercise in the afternoon or evenings.

Track Your Progress

Another reason why you may have fallen into a rut is because you feel as though you haven’t accomplished anything. Sometimes, people tend to measure the success of their workouts by the number they see on the scale or the size of pants that they buy at the store. However, these measurements are not the only ones that can demonstrate your hard work.

Keep track of how far you have progressed in terms of your workout. For example, if you like to run, track how long it takes you to go a certain distance each day. Then, you can see how you are gaining speed. If you prefer to engage in push-ups or sit-ups, track the number you are able to do consecutively without taking a break.

You can also look for other changes in your life that could be connected to your workouts. In certain cases, you may start to sleep better or to produce more output at work when your body is getting into better shape. The only way to know for sure is to keep track.

Fitness should play an important role in your life. However, even when you recognize the importance of exercising, you might feel as though you just want to stop your current routine. Whether you’ve grown bored of it or you feel as though you aren’t seeing any new results, this break could lead to a permanent cessation of exercise. Instead of allowing yourself to develop unhealthy habits and patterns, examine ways to give your current routine a makeover.

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