The Skills You Need to Be a Good Veterinarian

Those who love to provide care to others often find themselves in careers that give back to the public. Countless jobs exist that allow people to find their calling in this regard: from social services and healthcare to consultants and personal care. Ultimately, the number of people helping other people in a professional capacity is almost too large to count.

But people aren’t the only ones in need. Some find their calling by helping sick and injured animals find their way to recovery. In particular, veterinarians provide such a vital service – and often earn a good living doing so. However, not everybody is cut out to be a veterinarian.

With that being said, what skills are needed to be a good veterinarian? Let’s review what it takes to succeed in this career so you can make the right decision.


Many people make a distinction between traditional doctors and veterinarians, but the truth is, for those whose patients are sick or injured, there is little meaningful distinction. What this means is that pet owners are often in vulnerable emotional situations when their animals are sick; in order to be a good vet, you need to have an empathetic personality and mindset.

Knowing how to console, comfort or otherwise handle those who come in for your services is a crucial component of running a reputable and decent vet practice. Those who do not possess natural empathy may be better off seeking a career in another healthcare or animal-related profession.

An Eye for Details

In order to be a great vet, attention to detail is essential. There are many points at which an eye for details and a steady hand will be quite useful – even necessary – and can even make the difference between a positive or negative outcome for an animal.

You’ll need an eye for details when pursuing your veterinarian education, first and foremost (qualityeducationandjobs.com has a list of the top vet schools in the US). In addition to that, an eye for details is essential during vital animal procedures and operations: because most animals are smaller than humans, an even more detailed and refined touch is needed for optimal outcomes.

Good Communication

Because it can be such a difficult time for pet owners, vets need to be able to communicate clearly and concisely when dealing with the public. A visit to the vet is never fun for those who must do so, but the lack of clear communication from a vet about a particular procedure or prognosis can make it even less so.

Whether it is an accurate description of the costs involved or the likely outcome of a particular course of treatment, being a good communicator is essential for vets who want to continue enjoying the business of their communities.


Last but not least, endurance is absolutely essential if you want to be a good vet. The process for becoming a veterinarian is rigorous, with only a couple thousand new vets emerging in the United States each year. This means that the average vet is overworked and rarely has a chance to enjoy some down time during business hours.
As such, it’s vital that you are able to handle the long and busy hours of a vet from day to day.

These four skills and qualities are essential in becoming a great vet who can maintain a thriving and reputable practice. Without the possession of these skills, a vet is likely destined to fail in one or more ways, so it is essential that you evaluate yourself honestly before pursuing this career path.

The Skills You Need to Be a Good Veterinarian 3
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The Skills You Need to Be a Good Veterinarian 5

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