Of all the DIY projects your home needs fixing, the stress involved in undertaking a massive renovation of one of the rooms in your house can make you feel overwhelmed in your mind, and underwhelmed in your bank balance. But when it comes to undertaking a thorough renovation of an essential room, like a bathroom, what do you need to bear in mind to make the process as stress-free as possible?

Planning Is Always The Key

Not just in terms of the type of bathroom you want, but also you should plan ahead in terms of your budget and what you really need, tools-wise. Depending on your ambition, this will affect your budget. With things like bathrooms, many modern fittings can really spruce up the overall feel. The natural, rainforest type of feel is very popular right now, and this can be displayed in many different ways, from the shower fittings to the sinks. There are some vessel sinks which look great, and you can look at http://www.uniquevanities.com/vessel-sinks.html to get some inspiration. But also, the lighting is going to have a big impact on the feel of your bathroom. You need to consider whether you want hard or soft lighting. You may need harsh lighting to make sure that beauty regimes are done properly, or you could use soft lighting because you want your bathroom to be a proper place for relaxation. http://www.elledecor.com/design-decorate/room-ideas/news/g3047/bathroom-lighting/ has a few ideas for various types of lighting your bathroom could benefit from. When it comes to planning ahead, it's always best to figure out what you really want and then check the budget. Because it's not just about bankrupting yourself to have your dream bathroom, but if there are certain fixtures in the bathroom you can purchase for cheap, rather than going somewhere for the whole package, this will benefit your purse.

Living In The House During Renovation

During any sort of renovation, living with all the mess, as well as the builders coming back and forth, can make it feel like it's not your home anymore. And surviving this can feel like an arduous task. But, the important thing with any renovation or building project is to do your best to work towards a deadline. This way, you know there is an end in sight. And if you are working with builders, and they keep moving the deadline, this is very frustrating, and you are best pinning them down to a definite deadline. This can feel a bit difficult to do, especially if you don't know much about the whole building process, but you deserve to have your home back. During the renovation, and when you have no bathroom, it's very annoying, but if you plan on renovating your entire house, you are better off doing it one room at a time. So, while not having a bathroom is frustrating, at least you've got the rest of your house to yourself. It doesn't always feel like this, but if you were to undertake an entire renovation, this would be very difficult. Naturally, we can feel very put upon by the whole process, even if we do have the majority of the vote to ourselves, but without running water, this can somewhat hamper your enjoyment of your home! And while builders work, generally, between 9 and 5, this does mean you have your home back after those hours. But if you do spend a lot of time at home, because either you work at home or you are a full-time parent, not being able to have a shower or a bath can feel very annoying. Your options are to go to a friend's house, or if that's not an option, make sure you shower or bath the night before, and stockpile enough water to keep you going throughout the day. The other option is to move out for the duration of the project, which costs lots of money.

Keeping Stress Down

When it comes to keeping yourself stress-free, this isn't always a realistic idea. Living without running water and basic amenities can be very frustrating at the best of times. So you need to find ways to keep yourself calm. The costs of renovating an entire bathroom can make you worry, but if you planned effectively by starting off with a suitable budget, this would help to keep costs, and therefore your worries, down. As most people can't afford to move out for the duration of the renovation, if you are renovating a small room, it doesn't make that much of a difference, you can shut that door, and you don't need to think about it. But for the bigger rooms in your house, it's definitely something that can affect your mood. So make sure that you spend time away, whether it is a weekend, or going to visit a friend somewhere, it will have many benefits for you. Because you can get away from the house, it gives you a good sense of perspective, the perspective you need to keep plugging away at the room. The stress can be heightened if you've got family members, so, try to get away as and when you can, by yourself.

Renovating any essential room in the whole requires a lot of planning and preparation, but also with the right amount of money, to make it any easier process. In addition to this you need to be prepared for the amount of time it can take to get something done, and when it comes to working with professionals, be firm and focused. You have to live in the property, not them! There is a reason you wanted to renovate that room in the first place, so, to keep you motivated, it's best to have this in mind. The fruits of your labors will make it worth it in the end, but to get to that point you have to endure a lot of difficulties. But it doesn't have to be so difficult, just keep focused, and keep pushing towards that end goal.

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  • Perfect points you’ve made in the post. To avoid discomforts, you could opt for “Something Different Scot”, the team delivers a stress free and hassle free renovation services.

  • Perfect points you’ve made in the post. To avoid discomforts, you could opt for “Something Different Scot”, the team delivers a stress free and hassle free renovation services.

INFOtainment News

Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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