Phenylethylamine: The Geek’s Holy Grail of Love

Have you ever sat and wondered why the rest of the world seems to be able to find “love” quicker and more often than you? Many have. There are tons of reasons, but not a whole lot of solutions.

Some have tried a new look, a new car or home, changing jobs, and even changing genders. In the end, most us learn that the best way to find the special someone that compliments us in every way is to simply be ourselves.

With that said, a natural way to show forth the best version of ourselves has finally been made known. Below, you will learn why phenylethylamine (PEA) could be the path that leads to the undiscovered country of love for the geek in you.

Who’s in a good mood? You are!

Life is stressful, even for those of higher intelligence. Deadlines at work, pressures at home, friends bidding for time with you, church, and the hunt for that special someone can leave you dragging. Down in the dumps is an understatement when you realize that everyone’s needs will be met for the day except yours.

PEA is something our bodies make naturally, but you can also find it in certain foods and in an over-the-counter supplement. One of the things it is responsible for is helping to release dopamine and serotonin. These two brothers are handy to have around on a cloudy day.

They help us turn that frown upside down so that when the “one” crosses our path, we are feeling up to the chase and witty enough to coax a few laughs out of them. Everyone knows that love is spoken best in laughter.

I can’t believe I remember all that!

So, the absent minded professor was indeed a geek. He was also one of the best and coolest scientists in film history (only to be trumped by Doc Brown.) Although you might find both of these great men heroic in their own right, this can be quite a turn-off for the opposite sex.

Especially, if your dates together are what you keep forgetting. Never fear, PEA is here! Along with the dopamine and serotonin, PEA also helps release acetylcholine, and norepinephrine (noradrenaline.) All these neurotransmitters combined have the ability to make your brain a super version of itself.

One of the ways it does that is to boost how well you retain memory. This is great for remembering his birthday, your anniversary, or that she is allergic to shellfish. Either way, having a great memory will be a terrific benefit for you and the one you spend the rest of your life with.

The Love Drug

The way this naturally occurring substance helps you be a better version of yourself is simply by magnifying what already exists within you. As if that wasn’t enough though, it has been renamed the Love Drug because of its effects and the fact that it is present in foods most consider romantic like chocolate and red wine.

It was thought at one time the combination of red wine and chocolate could simulate the feeling of being in love because of the PEA contained in it. However, the fact is the amount of PEA contain in any food is not really enough, alone, to simulate the effects described above. The effects PEA does have, though, will be more than enough to lasso your future significant other.

Love is an experience that is difficult for the majority of us, geek or not, but phenylethylamine can give the geek world a head start.

Phenylethylamine: The Geek’s Holy Grail of Love 3
Anna Johansson
Anna is a freelance writer and researcher from the Olympia, WA area who loves to obsess about weird topics and then write about them. When she isn't writing, she is outside on her bike and comtemplating her eventual trip to graduate school.

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Phenylethylamine: The Geek’s Holy Grail of Love 5

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