Essential Safety Systems for the Workplace

As your business grows and expands, you’ll quickly realize that you’re coming into direct contact with more people every single day. If you set up online, you’ll realize that you can’t operate things from the comfort of your own home forever and are likely to source brick and mortar commercial properties, offices, and stock storage spaces. Along with these spaces come a whole host of people: customers, employees, partners, collaborators… the list goes on and on. Now, you may think that your main role as a business owner is to take care of your company. Its assets, its products, and its finances. But you also take on a whole lot more responsibility. After all, with the rise of compensation culture, if anyone so much as slightly hurts themselves while on any of your owned or hired properties, you could be in for a huge court case that comes hand in hand with all sorts of fees, costs, and payouts. To prevent this, you’re going to have to take all sorts of precautions. Here are just a few essential safety systems that you need to have in place.

Fire Procedures

Fire can be extremely destructive, but at the end of the day, as long as all of the people involved in a fire incident are safe and sound, pretty much everything else can be replaced. So, have a thorough fire procedure in place. First things first, you should have smoke alarms and check that they are working regularly. Ensure that exits are clearly labelled. Glow in the dark fire exit signs are the best option, as they can still be seen in case of power cuts or outages. Have all of the necessary extinguishers within easy reach and ensure that all of your staff members are fully aware of their location and how and when to use them. Arrange a meeting point so that everyone can be accounted for upon evacuation.

Roof Safety Systems

You may not think that anyone will have access to your roof, but you never know. There are various reasons that people could end up there, so you should have effective roof fall protection systems put into place. You can either opt for permanent rails or portable options with no drilling required. The second is probably preferable, as you could bring them down to ground level should needs be.


Chemical Storage

We use all sorts of chemicals on a daily basis in any professional environment. Think about it: things have to be cleaned. These products could prove hazardous or even fatal if consumed, inhaled, or used in any other incorrect manner. Not all of the people in your work environment will necessarily know better. Remember that people of all ages, including children, are likely to frequent your professional properties. So make sure that all chemicals are safely stored under lock and key when not in use. A locked cupboard or another storage unit should suffice.


A large amount of work nowadays is undertaken in the office. Whether your staff are dealing with customer queries and complaints, developing new products, updating your company’s social media feeds, or arranging deliveries, they are likely to spend a whole lot of time sitting behind their desks. Now, this might seem like an extremely safe space, you need to bear in mind that every year thousands of workers are diagnosed with chronic conditions such as repetitive strain injury. This is where ergonomics have come into play. Ergonomics are the study of people’s efficiency in the working area, and various areas have been identified as potentially hazardous to the average worker. As a result, specific furniture and equipment have been developed to counteract issues. Invest in these, as not only will they keep your staff safe and sound, but they can also help to increase productivity as a result!

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Lifting Procedures

There are several occasions when your staff members may find themselves having to lift goods or wares. Whether they’re transporting them to and from the stockroom or office, you need to ensure that they know the correct protocol when it comes to lifting and carrying items. Firstly, if an item is heavy, specialist equipment should be used. However, if the goods are light enough, the worker should bend their knees, keep their back straight and walk in straight lines. This can is explained in more thorough detail here.

Potential problems lie everywhere, so be rigorous and thorough in your checks and ensure that precautions are taken to help guarantee everyone’s safety and well-being. Not only will this prevent you from getting into trouble with the law, but it could potentially save someone’s life! Remember that with the benefits of authority come great responsibilities. It’s entirely up to you to ensure that everything is safe and sound for people when they’re in the realms of your business.

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