How cool would it be to have a bar in your home? And no, this doesn’t just necessarily have to be a bar packed full of cocktail ingredients and booze — your bar could play host to anything at all, from healthy fruit smoothies to cereal! The point is, how damn cool would it be to have a bonafide bar in your home?

Well, you can do it, you know. You can set up a bar in your home and reap the benefits of doing so for years to come. For advice on how to do so, make sure to read on.
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First of all… the bar itself

Your first port of call in your bar-creating venture is to, well, create the bar. Now, this could mean doing it yourself and taking the advice found here which includes doing a lot of measuring, taking heed of the overhang and making sure the bar top is drip and spill proof. Or, this could mean buying one in and having it fitted — when it comes to doing this, make sure you pick one that suits your bar area’s style and make sure you pick one that is practical. For instance, when it comes to style choices stone bars are more often than not a good idea as they scream sophistication, and when it comes to practicality you should ensure the bar that you choose comes fit with a built-in drip tray.

Don’t forget the comfort

If you truly want your home bar to be a place that you, your family and any guests to your home congregate round when you want to spend some time together, then you’re going to have to make the whole area comfortable. If you don’t, well, nobody is going to want to spend any time there, are they?

First of all, start off with the seating arrangements: buy bar stools that are not only comfortable to sit on but reach your bar in height because, as you probably know, it is not comfortable to sit at a bar that you are either having to reach up to or stoop down to. Also, make sure the seats and stools that you do bring in are positioned so that, when sat on, nobody is left out or pushed to the side. And then, once your seating arrangement is sorted, make sure you turn your attention to the temperature of the bar area. Simply, you need to make it a warm place to hang out in the winter, and a cool place to do so in the summer: try bringing in portable oil-filled heaters to induce heat and having an AC unit fitted to emit cold air.

Finally, stock the bar!

And then, of course, you need to stock your bar! And you can’t leave any stones unturned when you do so, because a half-empty bar is not functional or welcoming in the slightest. So, whether it’s beers, cocktail ingredients, soft drinks, fruit juices, healthy smoothies, milkshakes, cereals or whatever else you’d like to stock and serve (not for profit) in your bar, make sure it’s all there!

Having a home bar is something that many people dream of but never get around to doing. But, if you take heed of the advice above and then put it into practice, you’ll be well on your way to making yours a reality.

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