Translation: social media is going to change in 2018 and your business needs to be ready. Okay, so you may not be down with the kids enough to understand their slang. And, if you were, there would be serious questions to answer. However, great businesses evolve and adapt to the times, and social media is one of the cornerstones of success. You know what that means, right? Fantastic; then there’s no need to explain.

What there is a need to explain are the upcoming trends which are about to entangle you in their icy grasp. Sure, you may be a sick prodigy who has bare natural skills, but talent only gets a business so far. And, in truth, it isn’t a great distance.

The good news is that there are tips on changing faces of social media underneath. The bad news is that the teen slang isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Totes regrettable.

Post Relevant Content

Ah, 2017 – the good old days where businesses could do whatever they wanted. How bosses long for these times once again. Well, how they will do when 2017 ends and 2018 begins. Anyway, complicated time conundrums aside, the point is that companies used to use social media to engage with their followers any way possible. This included posting quizzes and links to web articles which added zero value. Some even commented on the weather and their mood. If ever there was a need for a frustrated emoji it was then. Nowadays, consumers are not as easy to please. Indeed, HubSpot reckons nearly 75% of people get annoyed when content doesn’t relate to their needs. Therefore, 2018 should be the year of social media breaking news and updates. That is unless you’re in China, of course. Then it’ll be the year of the dog.

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Listen Socially

Do people ever tell you that you are not a good listener? Hey; are you listening? Come on man! The truth is that businesses do put their needs ahead of their customers. Okay, so you are pretty good at making it seem as if the consumer comes first, but everyone knows the score. Not that this post is judging because listening to other people is boring and a waste of time, frankly. But, you are the one who has to increase market share so you are the one with the problem. Thankfully, there is a solution and that is to listen to what consumers are saying within the industry. In honesty, you won’t be listening at all – you’ll be reading. Still, social media posts which begin with “does anyone know where” are excellent ways to tailor your marketing strategy.

Twitter and Facebook
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Overlap Channels

Think of social media as one massive organism which intertwines and interweaves. Let’s face it – Facebook and Twitter bring people together. Awww, how cute. That’s enough of the soppy crap because it’s time to focus on how to make the company rich. Sorry for the change of pace, but good vibes don’t keep the creditors at bay unless the bailiffs are the Teletubbies. One thing you will notice more and more is that social media overlaps. Facebook is a prime example with its hashtags that quite clearly belong to Twitter. You heard it here first people – Zuckerberg is a thief. But, it isn’t just the book that is on the bandwagon because Snapchat follows the same trends as the gram. There is even a WhatsApp for Mac app which allows you to receive and send messages without a mobile device. If this madness isn’t the epitome of overlapping social media channels, then what is? Rant aside, you will have to be selective about the platforms you choose as they all start to offer the same services.

Join The Robot Army

Don’t worry – the robots are not taking over. That happens further down the line when they have studied humankind and decided it’s insignificant. Until that day arrives, and it will people, it’s better to join the AI ranks. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat the technology that is about to destroy the world, join it. And, social media has been doing it for quite a while the sneaky devils. How? Well, it’s mainly with the help of chatbots on messaging apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and the rest. All you have to do is set up a bot to deal with simple questions and queries and boost customer service in the process. If there is something too hard for AI to compute, you can take over.

Speaking of takeovers, you might want to start getting supplies together for the apocalypse. Otherwise, you’ll have to do a Sarah Connors, but that’s a lot of hassle.

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