What Do We Want from Christmas Entertainment?

A bit of Christmas entertainment is an essential part of the holiday season. Whether you’re watching TV, putting on a movie or even listening to some Christmas music, it wouldn’t be the same without it. But we do we all really look for in our holiday entertainment? We might not know it, but a lot of us tend to gravitate toward the same things.

Oldies But Goodies

There’s one thing that everyone loves, and that’s the classics. From Christmas songs to Christmas movies, you can’t resist the ones that have been there every Christmas since your childhood. From Santa Claus is Coming to Town to Miracle on 34th Street, it wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

Christmas Episodes of Favorite Shows

When it’s nearing Christmas, every show seems to want to have a special Christmas episode. Some of them are flops, while others become classics. One of the reasons people love to watch them is that they’re usually shown before Christmas, so they get you in the festive spirit.

Family-friendly Features

If you’ve got kids, you need family movies that everyone can enjoy. Some of the most favored Christmas (or winter) options include The Grinch, Frozen, and Polar Express. A good family Christmas movie should be fun for everyone – adults included.

Christmas Movies That Aren’t Just About Christmas

As for adult movies, we like ones that might be set (at least partly) at Christmas but aren’t necessarily about Christmas. These include the likes of Bridget Jones’s Diary and Die Hard. In fact, if there was a perfect Christmas movie, this is what it might look like.

Sunny’s Perfect Christmas Film Recipe

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