8 Signs That Your Website Is Stuck In The Past

Web design has come a long way since the early days of the internet. If you own a website that was created some time ago, it may be starting to look old-fashioned. Here are eight signs that you may need to update your website.

It isn’t mobile friendly

The majority of internet users are now accessing the web via their smartphones. If your website doesn’t load correctly when viewed on a mobile device, or simply has odd formatting, you may need to find a way of redesigning it so that it looks good on all platforms. Web designers will try to make your site look impressive across platforms.

It’s a template job

If you created your website using WordPress, it’s possible you may have used a template shared by a thousand other websites. As more people use WordPress, these templates become more commonplace. Opting for professional web design can make your website look less generic. There are now even web design companies set up around particular trades, dedicated to finding new ways of separating your site from competitors. If you run a law firm and are looking to optimize your law firm’s website, it may pay to find a companies catered to law firm web design. A generic website design company might create something that’s too close to the mould.

It runs slowly

If your website is taking forever to load, it’s possible it may be cluttered with ads or widgets or plug-ins. Many contemporary web designers are now embracing minimalism and doing away with this extra clutter. This can often allow sites to load faster, which prevents visitors losing patience and immediately clicking off the website without waiting for it to load.

It’s text-heavy with few images

Many websites a decade ago were text heavy. Nowadays websites are being treated less like leaflets and more like billboards, relying heavily on their use of images. A massive image dominating the screen with a couple tabs leading to other information may be all you need as a homepage. Obviously, there are exceptions such as news sites and blogs, which may benefit from luring people in with snippets of text.

It overuses stock photos

Many stock photos are overly familiar to viewers and may give off a sense that your website is generic. Try looking for more original images to use on your site. You could even buy photos off of a photographer or hire a photographer to shoot some personalized snaps for you. This is certain to make your website feel more unique and fresh.

It’s stuffed with keywords

In the early days of Google, it was possible to boost ones rankings by shoving as many keywords into your website as possible. Nowadays, keyword stuffing can actually have a negative effect on your rankings. It can make your website unreadable and all in all put visitors off. Use keywords strategically or get help from an SEO company to boost your rankings in a more natural way.

There’s too much going on in the side bar

As mentioned with slow page loading, modern websites are embracing minimalism. Too much going on could be distracting and confusing for visitors. The most common place for clutter is sidebars. These should be used as a simple directory and not as a chance to shove in descriptions, plug-ins, ads and other information. Try to remove some of this clutter and you could find your website looks a little sleeker.

There are too many pop-ups

Pop-ups are used by many sites as a conversion tool, either asking visitors to subscribe or surveying them or trying to convert them into a client. Most people will agree that pop-up ads are annoying. It’s arguable whether there’s any real gain from using them. One thing you shouldn’t do is allow multiple pop-ups. Too many help balloons and ads and subscribe pop-ups could put people off. Modern sites are using pop-ups much less – consider whether your site is really benefitting from them.

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8 Signs That Your Website Is Stuck In The Past 7

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