3 Marketing Tactics to Get the Best Return on Investment

When you want to promote your business, throwing money at a marketing scheme until either the money runs out or the scheme runs its course is a bad plan. With so much opportunity to maximise your income at your very fingertips and squeeze every cent out of your investment, you would be mad to not use these simple marketing tactics.

Go Where Your Audience Are

If you know that your audience are likely to be in one place, you would surely go there to sell your products or services wouldn’t you? This is exactly what social media allows you to do. You can find any audience from anywhere on social media and use data analysis to figure out the best times to reach out, what their interests are and what they are most likely to click.

Of course, your audience isn’t confined to social media. Apps are brilliant for businesses and in-app advertising is another space where you are likely to find your audience and gain a great ROI. Companies like https://www.mopub.com/publishers/platform/ specialize in ensuring that every cent you pay is worthwhile and should give you an excellent rate of return.

Refine, Refine, Refine

You might think that getting as many people as possible is the best way to ensure lots of clicks on an ad, but think about it for a moment. Is it really worth getting lots of people who aren’t even interested in your products or services to look at your ad? Wouldn’t it be better to show fewer people who are more likely to click?

This is exactly why you should always refine your audience to a smaller, more relevant group. You could show 1000 randomly selected people an ad and achieve 10 clicks, or you could select a specific audience of 500 who share the same interest and achieve 100 clicks. It’s clear that the refined audience is a much better investment.

Split Test

Of course, knowing your audience is one thing, but split testing will allow you to try out different ads to see which is the most successful. This is the foundation of Facebook advertising, which wants businesses to be as successful as possible. The idea is that it allows you to tailor your ads and shift your investment to the best performer.

Your split test will be comprised of a few similar ads, perhaps the headlines differ slightly or the picture is changed, and these ads will all go live. After a while (depending on your budget and time frame) a trend will develop showing which ad or ads are most successful. This gives you the opportunity to cancel the less successful ads and move your budget over to where you know more people are clicking.

For any business, getting the best ROI on any marketing scheme is vital for success. It is all too easy to throw money at advertising and hope for the best, but with so many opportunities to perfect your pitch and find your best audience, why wouldn’t you aim for the very top?

3 Marketing Tactics to Get the Best Return on Investment 2
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