Music has always had a kind of power to it. It’s been used for more purposes than you can count in times gone by, such as to celebrate coronations or as weapons of war. Nowadays we mainly produce it for fun, and we use it to perfection in film and TV scores, to set a scene and inform the audience of what’s actually going on and motive behind it. However, there’s a little more societal reasons behind the use of music in our daily lives, so let’s look over a little food for thought on the power of music in today's world.

It Helps Us Focus

Our brains are hardwired to pick up rhythms and join in with them. Even babies understand this, with mother’s heartbeats calming them down when they cry and they’ve even been described as ‘born to dance.’ With that in mind, we use music to help us focus and keep us on track, whether it’s when we’re doing work, going for a jog, or to shut people out when we’re trying to walk down the street.

Music has also been found to reduce pain due to the intellectual stimulation and distracting nature of it, simply taking our minds off of what we would be feeling otherwise. That’s also why it acts as such as good calming device, as when you know a good song and the lyrics mean something to you, you can induce happiness very easily.

It Can Say What We’re Thinking

Music can be used for personal and public uses, and is a very powerful medium as a result. It can reach anyone anywhere, especially with the invention of the internet, and that means messages can be taken across the globe.

A sad score behind some happy lyrics can indicate the real tone of a song, which is just a quick example of how music can convey messages without the need for words. Ever popped on a good instrumental in the background and found yourself being extremely productive with it? This inspiring element is what keeps us creating it.

It’s a Way to Celebrate

Music is an art form, and when you have traditional pieces in art galleries for people to look at and indulge in, there’s also going to be the same treatment for the spoken form. People can make an entire industry off of just making pleasing tunes for us to listen to, so why not promote the hard work involved in that.

When you have famous managers like that of Coran Capshaw heading music ceremonies simply to honour the idea of the celebratory nature of music and everyone working in it, it’s another indication of the power music has in our society. The audience love to gather around these kind of ceremonies after all, and rooting for our favorite artists is something that helps to bring us together.

Music is incredibly powerful and works double time for us in many different situations. Use this to your advantage in your daily life!

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INFOtainment News

Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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