Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid In Physics Exams

The vast subject of physics is both interesting and complicated at the same time. Students who have complete acquaintance with the basics and question the rationale of nature and energy get completely immersed in the subject and develop a deep interest in the subject.

So, it is extremely crucial to be thorough with the basics to be able to understand the higher concepts of physics without any confusion. But, often it is seen that even after having a strong conceptual base in physics, students fail to secure their desirable scores in the exams. This underperformance in the exam is mainly because of some common and easily-avoidable mistakes that the students repeat. Some of the most common mistakes are given here along with simple tips to avoid them.

Not Giving Attention to Units

This is one of the most common mistakes that the students commit in their physics exam. Often students forget the units and end up leaving the solution without writing the units. An answer without a unit is considered incomplete and the students might lose some crucial marks.

Also, it is important that the SI units should be used while writing the final answer. Often the question figures are given in varying units. In such cases, the students need to convert all the different units in SI and then start solving the question. This way, the students will avoid mixing up the units and present the final answer in SI units.

Getting Confused with Radians and Degrees

One must understand the application of radians and degrees accurately and apply the concepts accordingly. In most cases, degrees are used, except for the problems involving angular velocity and acceleration.

So, the students must check the question statement properly and then approach the solution. The students can also convert a radian into degree or vice versa to solve the question according to their personal convenience.

Improper Operations on Vectors

There are several instances when the students perform incorrect vector operations and eventually arrive at an incorrect answer. One of the most common mistakes the students commit is just adding the magnitudes of vectors and ignoring the components.

The concepts of scalars and vectors are generally introduced in high school physics and form the foundation for several other higher level topics. Therefore, the students are suggested to be thorough with the concepts of vectors and resolve the vectors into components for calculations.

Forgetting Important Concepts and Formulae

Sometimes, students fail to remember the important concepts and formulae in the exam. This way, a lot of easy marks are lost as the students could not solve the easy questions accurately. Some of the instances include students forgetting Ohms law or calculating the resistors in parallel inaccurately.

To avoid forgetting the important formulae and other concepts, the students are suggested to be through with the concepts and practice several questions to be able to remember the formulae more effectively and score good marks in the exam.

Calculation Mistakes

This is probably the most easily avoidable mistakes that the students commit in the exam. A simple calculation mistake can lead to a completely incorrect answer and the students end up losing their marks unnecessarily.

These were some of the common mistakes that the students commit in their physics exam. These easily-avoidable mistakes can help the students secure excellent marks and keep them interested in the subject.

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Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid In Physics Exams 5

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