Whether you are competitive, or just like to play for fun, it’s always good to feel like you are progressing and seeing results in the sport of activity that you do. Whether you have been playing a long time, or have just taken it up, there are lots of things you can do or change to see better results. Improving your general fitness, focusing on specific skills, or even looking at your equipment, can all make a difference to how you play your sport. Here is some advice, and things to try, to get you out of the rut you might be in. Thinking outside the box, and trying new things to mix up your routine, are all great ways to get started.

Look at Your Clothes and Equipment

You don’t have to go out and buy the latest cutting edge equipment that will break the bank, but sometimes this can hold you back. If you are interested in the sport, and know you won’t be giving it up anytime soon, it can be useful to invest in a better soccer ball to practice with, or some wrestling doublets that you’re more comfortable in. If you feel more relaxed in what you're wearing, or your equipment suits your size, your mind will be more focused on playing. Small tweaks like these can really make a difference to your game, and let you get on with being the best you can be.

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Do a Different Sport

If you live and breath to play basketball, and play in day in and day out, this might mean that you are not challenging yourself enough. Yes, you will get to improve your technical ability, but you might not be challenging yourself mentally or physically anymore. Mixing up your train training program, and trying out cardio, using weights, or interval training that you aren’t used to, can help you to improve. Focusing on strengthening your muscles for example, could help you to reach you maximum speed when sprinting across the court. On the other hand, trying some lengthier long distance running could give you the stamina and endurance to make it to the end of the game and still play your best. Mixing up your training means you are still challenging your body, and means you can carry on challenging it, to grow fitter and achieve more.

Training or working out with people who do different sports can also be really beneficial. Training with someone else could give you that extra push you need to train harder, faster, or for longer. It’s good to pick up some advice from people who train in different ways from you as well. Even if they do different sports from you, there will always be certain techniques or ways of training that you can apply to your sport.

At some point, everyone gets into a rut with their training, or needs to find other ways to improve. Whatever method you try, trying new things can keep you interested, and keep your body challenged, so you are always bettering yourself.

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