Singapore Named ‘So Much More Than A Stopover Location’

Singapore has long been known as a ‘stopover’ destination for both business and leisure trips, with this island country being used mainly as somewhere to stop between flights by travellers. However, Singapore has recently been named as ‘so much more than a stopover location’, thanks to its ever-increasing list of things to see and do, as well as the high-quality lifestyle on offer here.

In fact, Singapore has become such a popular travel destination that in 2015, it saw 15.2 million international arrivals. This marks an increase in visitors compared to various other years, with a spike of over five percent. What this island country has to offer its visitors is what makes it more than just a layover destination – it is somewhere that is fast becoming one of the travel locations of choice.

Visiting Singapore aside, there are now more people than ever choosing to purchase property and move overseas, or spend a period of each year abroad. Singapore is quickly becoming the new ‘it’ location – the place where everyone wants to be. Whether that’s for business travel, leisure, or even to live, Singapore is becoming more and more popular each year.

To learn more about Singapore and why it has become so much more than a simple layover location, read on…

Why is Singapore increasing in popularity as a travel destination?

Statistics show that the number of visitors traveling to Singapore each year has spiked, with more and more people choosing to travel to this island state. Until recently, Singapore was seen as being somewhere that was made for stopovers, instead of being a location worth spending time at or exploring. However, that has all changed, with more and more people now choosing to explore this small country. It has been revealed how incredible a place this city-state actually is, which has meant that an increasing number of people are choosing to visit.

Unlike ‘conventional’ Asia, Singapore is different. It’s a very clean, almost sterile like country. The streets are free of litter and mess, street food is safe to eat, and the people are friendly and polite. Singapore is Asia with a twist. It’s a modern place, and one that competes with many of the world’s most amazing cities, from London to New York, Singapore can easily compete. Home to some astounding skyscrapers, similar to those in New York, a transport system that puts London to shame, and streets that are quieter and calmer than most western countries, Singapore is a destination like no other.

What does Singapore have that makes it worth a visit?

Amazing sights and attractions. Singapore has everything that modern, metropolitan cities have, and so much more. Singapore has just as many sights and attractions of the likes of New York, London, and Paris; it has a rich heritage which means plenty of museums and areas of historical interest. Then there is its famous Gardens by the Bay, a network of modern greenhouses and waterfront parks, Sentosa; it’s island resort just off of the coast, and, of course, it’s rainforest. Just a short walk outside of the city center, Singapore is home to a rainforest, known as MacRitchie Park. Home to all kinds of wildlife, from elephants and monkeys to reptiles and insects, there is plenty to see and do in the rainforest alone, without spending any time in the city itself. You can choose to explore the rainforest via a 10 km treetop trail, on a night tour, or via a camping trip – there are plenty of options to choose from.

lor-meeFabulous food and drink. The incredible attractions aside, there is also the fact that Singapore is famed for its incredible food and drink scene. The cuisine in Singapore alone is said to be worth the visit, from the street food to the Michelin starred cuisine; there is some fantastic food on offer in Singapore.

Singapore cuisine is made up of a combination of different foods from different cultures, including Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and Portuguese. Food is described as being a ‘national pastime, with food being seen as a ‘national obsession’. There is no doubt about it, the food in Singapore is delicious, and another reason to spend an extended period of time exploring, rather than just stopping off on a stopover.

What makes Singapore a great place to live?

Singapore has not only been marked as a great place to travel to and explore, but also a great place to live. Each year, more and more people choose to move to Singapore, and for good reason – there are a lot of benefits to this city-state.

Singapore is not expensive. Despite the fact that Singapore was recently named the world’s ‘most expensive city’, it is important to realize that actually, Singapore is not expensive, or at least, it does not have to be. How expensive this city-state is, depends on how money is spent – it’s as simple as that. If money is spent on imported wines, luxury dinners, and fine cheese, then the lifestyle will be expensive. However, if money is spent wisely, and in the right place, Singapore does not have to be an expensive place to live.

The food is to die for. Above, we discussed how incredible the food is for visitors, but what about when you live there? The food in Singapore comes in a range of different options and price ranges, from an array of five-star eateries to budget-friendly street food. This range of options is what makes Singapore such an ideal place for food enthusiasts to live.

There are various accommodation options. For anyone considering moving to Singapore, it is recommended that a short-term lease is taken out first so that it is possible to get a feel for the city and understand more about which areas are most suitable for living in. A common occurrence in Singapore, in terms of buying accommodation, is investing in a build-to-order-flat. These are flats that are built specifically to order and are becoming increasingly popular with people choosing to move to this city-state from other areas of the world.

One of the downsides to moving to Singapore is the fact that there are strict employment laws in place here, which means it can be almost impossible for foreigners to find work. That is why it is recommended that anyone thinking of moving to Singapore full-time, ensure that they have a secure job opportunity in place before they make the move overseas.

An upside to life in Singapore is how clean the city is compared to other cities around the world. Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founding father, banned chewing gum, littering, and other detrimental activities, meaning that the streets of Singapore are sparkling clean. Of all the cities in the world, Singapore is one of the cleanest. It’s free of clutter, dirt, and mess.

It’s almost cash free. Singapore is set to become the world’s first cashless city. Advancements in technology and a love of plastic has meant that there is almost nowhere in Singapore that does not accept card payments, hence why this city-state is fast on the way to becoming the world’s first cashless society.

Singapore has always been seen as a destination that is made for stopovers from plane travel, and nothing more than that. However, it has recently been revealed how incredible a place Singapore actually is, which has meant a vast increase in the number of people choosing to visit this city-state for a short trip, extended stay, or even moving here to start a new life.

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