Some Special Solutions For Combating Serious Illnesses

The longer you live, the more likely it is that you will run into a few illnesses in your life. Leading a good life means at least in part managing to avoid any severe diseases or diseases, but this can be harder to achieve than one might hope. However, for every serious illness, there is a huge range of activities and behaviors which you can choose to engage in which can help to keep them at bay. Some of these are well-known and will apply to a vast range of potential diseases, while others are more specific – and much less commonly spoken about. In this post, we are going to look at some of those latter solutions, so that you can hopefully keep those severe illnesses away for as long as possible, or entirely.

Heart Disease

It is estimated that heart disease kills around one in ten people in the world, so if you are able to keep this one at bay, you are apparently doing yourself a huge favor. The trouble with heart disease is that it can be sudden and lethal, and it can often strike those you might think would manage to avoid it. Some of the most common solutions that you will hear for preventing heart disease are to keep an eye on your cholesterol and keep the cardiovascular exercise up to a high degree. Clearly, those are good starts, but what else can you do to ensure that you avoid those terrible diseases?

As it happens, one of the significant things to keep an eye on is your stress levels. If you are frequently overworked, underslept and anxious, this can have a drastically damaging effect on the heart. If you want to avoid heart disease, you need to learn to find ways to identify and deal with stress. This could mean that you engage in some kind of a daily meditation practice, or maybe you could choose to learn some basic relaxation breathing techniques. You could also learn to keep stress at bay in the first place just by organizing your life to be less stressful on a daily basis. If you can manage all of this, you will drastically reduce your chances of developing heart disease.

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Beyond dealing with stress, what else can you do? Here’s a little-known fact that is worth exploring: if you snore a lot, you are a little more likely to contract heart disease at some point in your life. This is because snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea, which causes changes and disruptions to your heartbeat during sleep. So if you are having trouble sleeping because you are snoring, you definitely want to get that checked out at your earliest convenience. If you don’t, your risk of having a heart attack could massively increase.

One last thing: eat more pine nuts. These nuts contain the fatty acid known as pinolenic acid, which causes your risk of heart attack and heart disease to be much lower. Sprinkling these on your salads could make more of a difference than you might think.


If you have ever known someone who suffered from diabetes, you will know that it is an extremely damaging disease which you would much rather do without. But relatively few people actually know what you should be doing to keep the risk of diabetes as low as possible. You are probably aware of the role of sugar in developing diabetes, but there is much more besides which you might want to look into. Let’s take a look at some unique ways to lower your risk of diabetes starting from today.

Changing up what exercise you do is likely to make a massive difference to how likely or not you are to develop diabetes. If you frequently use one kind of activity, try out another for a time, as doing so can help you to keep in the best possible shape – and this has a profound effect on your likelihood to get diabetes later on in life. There are a few other simple daily habits you can look into as well if you want to reduce your diabetes risk. For instance, if you take a little spoonful of vinegar every day you will find it makes a huge difference to your blood sugar levels. Apple cider vinegar is best for this, and you can pour it on many meals throughout the day if you so desire. Similarly, eating just one gram of cinnamon a day can have the same kind of effect, as can ingesting some reishi mushroom powder every now and then. All of these small changes can add up to make a significant difference to your likelihood of developing diabetes, so it is well worth looking into all of them at the same time if you are serious about this.

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Drinking more coffee, while not so good for some other diseases, might help to prevent diabetes surprisingly well. Still, you should make sure you are not taking too much caffeine, as this can be a health risk in its own right. Taken with the above advice, this should be plenty to help you keep diabetes at bay for as long as possible, and hopefully forever.


This next illness is so pervasive, complex and all-encompassing that you never really know how well or poorly you are fighting it. Still, it is still worth doing everything you can to keep the likelihood of cancer as low as possible. Fortunately, there are a huge number of things you can do towards this end. Many of them are quite well know, and as ever the general idea of looking after your health generically is always going to help. But there are also many little-known methods for preventing cancer which are worth looking into. Let’s take a look at some of the most unique and effective of those now.

There are particular foods which you should try to get into your diet if you are serious about keeping cancer at bay. One good example is marinara sauce, which contains a lot of tomatoes. This particular fruit has plenty of lycopene, a compound which is proven to help prevent many kinds of cancer. While you can get this into your system in many other ways, this is the easiest and arguably one of the most delicious ways to do so, so it is worth doing if you are serious about reducing your risk of cancer as far as possible.

What else can you do to keep your risk of cancer as low as you would like it to be? As it happens, eating a healthy breakfast could be one of the simplest and most effective cancer preventions out there. The kind of cereal you eat matters of course – but anything that has plenty of fibre is likely to be a good bet, as long as it does not also have too much sugar in it. Finding a good breakfast food is expected to go a long way towards helping you keep cancer away from your life as long as possible.

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Above all that, you should do everything you can to keep stress down, as this is something that increases your chances of developing anything, even something as serious as cancer.

As long as you follow all of the above advice, you can be sure that you are much less likely to come into contact with these three terrible illnesses. That will mean a longer, happier and healthier life – and that is just what we are going for here.

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