Electric Avenue: 5 Electric Ways To Get Around

Electric vehicles come in all forms. Whilst some offer a greener alternative to negotiating the roads, others offer convenience. Here are just five examples of electric personal transport.

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Electric cars

We’re all familiar with these. Whilst electric cars still need some improvement in order to go the distance, they’re superb for short-distance drives. Electric cars come in all shapes and sizes – on top of the small miniature cars capable of parallel parking in tiny spaces there are also now electric SUVs and people-carriers that are ideal for doing the school run. In urban areas around the world, local governing bodies are trying to encourage electric car use to cut down emissions. In some cities, there are now incentives in place for electric car drivers such as free parking, use of bus lanes and even free charging stations in some places. For urban drivers, it really is the way to go.

Electric motorbikes

Electric motorcycles and scooters are another alternative for those living in urban areas. You can get around quicker than in a car as you’re able to also dodge the traffic jams, whilst also taking advantage of many of the other city perks aimed at electric vehicles. Bikes come in all different forms with all different specs – it’s best doing your homework using a comparison guide site such as BikeSure first. Electric motorcycles and scooters still require a license, insurance and servicing like any other vehicle.

Electric bicycles

For those that like the freedom of cycling but find it too physical, electric bicycles could be the solution. These bikes have integrated electric motors that result in less strenuous pedalling. For cycling at speed, they can be the perfect solution. Those wanting to keep fit however may prefer to have a standard bike (although those wanting to watch their heart rate and still partake in a bit of exercise may benefit from an e-bike). The likes of Cycling Weekly offer great guides for those looking to buy their first electric bicycle.

Electric skateboards

Skateboards are also now going electric. Several electric longboards have been produced that can tackle all terrains – opening up new opportunities for boarders. Comparison sites like The Electric Rider offer a rundown on the best boards around. These can be great boards to learn on – teaching you how to balance and direct yourself whilst taking the effort out of having to propel yourself along.

Electric rollerskates

Yes, there are also electric rollerskates on the market. Companies like RocketSkates are still in their infancy but are proving popular. Whilst they take some of the physical exertion out of skating, a strong sense of balance is still required, especially if you’re riding these at speed. It’s certainly a great gadget for thrill-seekers.

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