To Turn Your Blog into a Business, Treat It Like One

If you want your blog to become a business venture, and not just something you upload things onto from time to time, then you have to treat it like a business. You have to put the hours in that you would do at work. You have to know and cater to your target audience. Basically, to make money from your blog you need to do a lot of things differently with it. For advice on what exactly you need to do to turn your blog into a business venture, make sure to read on.
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Create and hone in on your unique selling point

There’s a big, blog world out there just waiting for your blog to make an impact on it. And because the world of blogging is so big, it means you have a lot of competition when it comes to making yours stand out. And what this means is simple: you must make yours stand out! And to do so, you should give great precedence to first creating yourself a unique selling point (USP), and then honing in on it.

To create your USP, you need to start concentrating on your own personality and how you can create an essence of it on your blog — because there’s nothing more unique than your personality. You then have to only upload blog posts that convey this personality, as well as the topic that you specifically want to cover. This will be your blog’s focus, and the sooner it focuses itself the better. By doing so you’ll give your target audience a reason to log onto your blog. And if your work on it is then stimulating enough, you’ll keep them on your blog too.

Detach yourself from the project

However, as much as you want to try and convey your personality onto your blog in order to give your target audience both something to relate to and something to stimulate them when they log on to it, you need to detach yourself from the whole project as much as you can. This is because when a blog is too personal — when it is too heavily focused on the author’s life — it can become boring and tedious to read. And when things are boring and tedious to read, they simply don’t get read.

Something that you can to do to supplement your loss of a personal touch on your blog is turn it into a space that still conveys your personality, your chosen topic and you blog’s overall focus, but in a far more general sense. One way to do this is to start providing general information on your chosen topic in order to inform the readers, rather than providing them with personal stories about your own experiences. An example of this would be for the author of a blog that focuses on parenthood to upload a post about how to keep children safe whilst using the Internet. By doing so, the author would not be scaring off potential readers with perusal stories, and they would be drawing them in with helpful tips on the specific subject of Internet safety for children.

Detaching yourself from the project can also mean backing away from what you originally planned for it in order to make more money from it. One way to do this is to offer up a host of different pieces of content that will appeal to a wide range of people, even if this content does not necessarily appeal to you at all as a blogging author. An example of this can be found in these cool links that are the most underrated on the web — a set of clips on a blog that do not convey one focused subject or personality, but draw in a large audience of Internet users, and subsequent revenue, because of how funny they are. Basically, if you want your blog to be a big business success then you sometimes need to think more about what your audience wants to see on it, rather than what you want to actually give them.

Take some business lessons

To make your blog a successful business, you will need to be well versed in the world of business. And because you are not an active part of the physical world of business, as a typical business owner is, this sort of experience can be hard to come by. But this is where business courses come into play. Yes, if you’re serious about being a big time businessperson with your blog, it is advised that you take a business skills course or even a business degree. By doing so, you can make up for the fact that you are not involved with the actual world business by learning things like how to seal a deal, how to connect with customers and how to manage your time effectively.

Invest the money you earn wisely

Blogging is big business, there’s no two ways about it. And because it is big business, when your blog does well you stand to make a lot of money from it. But when you make this money, you must invest it wisely. Specifically, you must invest it back into your blogging venture to see it grow even further and make you even more money. This could mean spending your money on hiring guest writers to ensure that your blog is kept updated and with the times at all times. It could mean spending the money on conducting specific experiments that could be written about interestingly on your blog. Or it could mean spending the money on a different and better blogging processor than the one you currently use. Basically, whatever money you earn from blogging should not be wasted — it should be invested back into your blogging project.

Today, blogging is a massive business that can wield great returns on investment for those that are successful with it. And if you follow the advice above, you too could be successful with your blogging project. But, even when you do find success, don’t forget the golden rule of blogging: never stop blogging!

To Turn Your Blog into a Business, Treat It Like One 3
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To Turn Your Blog into a Business, Treat It Like One 5

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