Cricket Isn’t Boring, We Promise

There are so many amazing sports in the world which offer excitement, drama, and sometimes the odd argument between friends and family. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, with all-star players such as David Beckham becoming a household name across the globe with his new perfume and guest appearances. You’ve got baseball which is an American classic, with talented hitters taking their turn on the diamond. And then you have WWE, which quite frankly makes us all want to cringe and hide behind the sofa, but gets our heart’s racing with adrenaline.

And then there is cricket. Cricket is an English sport, similar to baseball but much longer and more complicated. It is a sport which many people find tedious, because games can last for hours, even days before reaching a winning score. But today we are here to tell you that cricket isn’t boring. It’s misunderstood. And we are here to tell you why you should start watching cricket today.

First of all, cricket isn’t just about sitting there for days waiting for the winner to be shown. There are different versions to suit each type of fan. If you don’t have the patience to sit there all day, you don’t have to. There are ODI’s which are for the last generation, T20Is for the new generation, and test matches which are for the older generation. You can get tickets for the Ashes here and watch five test matches take place over the course of the event.

The commentators have a lot of fun while telling us about the game. Rather than the usually name spouting and excited shrieking, there is a whole host of entertainment to be had. Commentators tell funny anecdotes, sing songs and tell jokes to pass the time between telling us about the game. And of course, there is no shortage of taking the micky out of the opposing team- because why not?

It’s not as simple as simply arguing over whether the ball was offside, no; cricket has 42 laws. Incidentally, it’s the same as the answer to everything (if you’ve seen Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy). You’ll feel like you are watching an episode of Miss Marple with the twists and turns which can happen within a game.

Unlike tennis and baseball, cricket doesn’t just stick to hitting the ball straightforward, instead they hit all over the pitch. It’s much more exciting to watch!

Cricket isn’t just limited to a specific kind of ball which you’ll only find in the team’s store costing you an arm and a leg; it can be played with any small ball. You could opt for the classic leather cricket ball, or just use any small ball you have to hand. A tennis ball, cork ball or plastic ball will do just fine. And if you don’t even have one of those- don’t let that stop you! Roll up a piece of paper, a piece of tin foil… your socks even. Anything is a cricket ball if you want it to be.

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