Make Waves with These Small Business Change Splashes

It’s incredible how much some small changes to your business can have a huge impact. Something that might not seem like that big of a deal could boost productivity, save money or improve the quality of your products or services. Plus, many small moves put together can all add up to make an even bigger difference. If your company needs to change, don’t think in grand, sweeping alterations. Think instead about the smaller ways you can make some changes, without having to spend a lot of money or waste a lot of time. Try out some of these seemingly insignificant moves that could have a significant impact.

Keep Better Communication Records

Does your business ever have problems with miscommunication? There are severals methods you can use to communicate, but they all offer opportunities for people to get their wires crossed. Phone, email, talking in person and even instant messaging all have their advantages, but none of them is the perfect answer to clear communication. You run the risk of not being clear enough or someone misunderstanding you, whatever medium you use. One thing that can help is writing everything down or perhaps recording conversations.That way, you have a solid record of what was discussed and agreed that you can refer to later.

Discourage Too Much Communication

Effective communication is essential for any business. However, there can be such a thing as too much communication. If everyone is busy trying to talk to each other, they can find that they struggle to get any of their other work done. It’s hard to concentrate on anything when you’re constantly answering emails, phone calls, and messages or being called into meetings. Give your employees a break by encouraging them not to engage in unnecessary communication or not to treat every communication like it’s urgent. You might want to try having days where everyone is discouraged from contacting anyone in the office, unless it’s absolutely essential.

Start Using Scheduling Tools

Keeping everyone on track and ensuring that they’re productive is a more difficult task than you would like. It takes a lot of effort to ensure everyone is working as hard as you want them to. One thing you can do to get them being productive is to make sure they have the tools they need. Introducing scheduling tools into your office can make a huge difference to productivity. Everyone can have a better idea of what they need to do and when they need to do it. Whether you have one person scheduling their team or everyone in charge of their own schedules, even the most simple tools can help everyone get more organized.

Reassess Your Product Packaging

Down in your warehouse, or wherever you package goods for delivery, there are many small changes you can make for better performance. One alteration that could work well for a lot of businesses is to take a look at the packaging you use. Your choice of packaging or custom boxes can affect how easy it to package products, as well as the cost and the ease of sending out deliveries. Companies that ship hazardous materials could see a huge difference if they start using packaging with a special permit to ship without using hazard labels. This reduces problems with package segregation. A change in packaging could boost accuracy and reduce mistakes, help your business make better use of space, and perhaps save money too.

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Encourage Sick Days

If you want to make improvements to your business, encouraging people to take time off might seem counterintuitive. However, allowing people to take sick days without feeling guilty or pressured to come to work could actually be better for your business. For one thing, if people can stay home when they’re sick, they won’t spread their illness to others in the office. And if they’re given the time to recover at home, they can come back to work at full capacity, rather than struggling to work at 50% while they’re ill. If you hire the right people, they won’t take advantage of the sick days they’re given.

Inventory Your Stationery Closet

Keeping your office supplies under control isn’t always easy. You can find that you’re spending a lot more money than is really reasonable, even though your office is mostly digital. If you need to find ways to cut costs, keeping a careful eye on your stationery closet may be the way to go. A thorough inventory helps you know what you have and what you need. It’s also a good idea to get people to sign out supplies when they take them, so you know where everything is going too. It could be a good way to finally discover that it’s Keith from accounting who’s taking all the pens.

Redesign the Office

An office redesign doesn’t have to be a huge change. It could be a number of little changes that add up to make a big difference. You might not think of the design of your workspace being that important. However, there are various things that can affect the productivity of your staff. How the office is arranged matters as it influences how much privacy people have, which can have a significant effect on how well they are able to work. Other things can affect productivity too, like whether the office is designed to reflect the company’s brand and values.

Consider Business Travel Carefully

Sometimes, traveling for business is necessary. You need to meet someone in person, work with people at another location, or perhaps perform a site visit. But it’s not always essential to travel to carry out business with people in another location. Other methods of communication, like video conferencing, can be extremely useful to get your work done without going anywhere. You could save a lot of money by being more careful about the trips you deem necessary and finding ways to get around having to travel.

Small things can change your business in a big way. You need to be able to spot what your business needs and what could be holding you back.

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