3 Predictable Things That Happen In WWE Matches

Whether you’re already an established fan of WWE or just intrigued about giving it a try, then you’ll know there’s a lot to learn. There’s the faces you have to get used to; the complex stories that you have to learn the history of – not to mention the names of so many different moves you have to become familiar with.

So there’s a lot of learning, but there are a few things you can rely on happening in WWE matches. These might not all happen in the same match, but they will crop up again, and again, and again. How many of these have you seen or heard happen recently?

#1 – The Beatdown and The Recovery

Let’s say there’s a match between a face – a good guy – and a heel. For the majority of the match, the face is on the receiving end of all the nastiest punishments that the heel can throw at them. They are beaten down, to the point where you would think the heel should just pin them and get the match finished… but they don’t; they continue the torture as if they want to drag it out.

Which they do; they need to drag it out, so the hero can make a recovery. This recovery will always be described as nigh-on superhuman by the commentary team. The face makes their comeback and triumphs, despite only making 5% of the offense in the match.

#2 – The Ref Will Be Distracted

Refereeing in WWE is as much about being involved in the storyline as it is actually calling the match. Referees tend to have a hard time of it, what with being constantly distracted or even unwittingly involved in the action. A good old fashioned “ref bump” is usually a sign of a forthcoming heel victory, but the most common reference interference is the distraction.

While an ally of the heel shouts at the ref and commands their attention from the sidelines, the heel does something dastardly to their opponent – such as a low blow – that allows them a to win in true nefarious fashion. The suspension of disbelief is challenged by just how frequently this happens – you’d think the refs would learn not to get distracted while doing their jobs – but it’s part and parcel of the excitement that turns people to their TV screen, makes them get tickets to see the action live, and absorb themselves in this soap opera world.

#3 – Mimicking Each Other’s Signature Moves/Behaviors

John Cena has “you can’t see me”. DX had the “crotch chop”. Every wrestler or stable has a unique behavior that is very them, from the pose they strike when they hit the ring to their finishing move.

While these moves help to create a sense of continuity, for the most part, they’re used against the person who popularizes them – as taunts. A heel will knock down John Cena and then mock him by repeating the “you can’t see me” gesture. It’s such a staple part of wrestling that, at house shows, wrestlers play to the crowd and mimic the gestures of wrestlers from bygone generations.

If you’ve never noticed these before, sorry, you’re going to see them constantly now!

By WWE [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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