How To Make Your First Album

So you’re a musician and think it’s time to create your first album? Awesome. This is a very exciting time, and also a very important one. You want to make sure that you do everything the right way without cutting corners, because people will hear the difference in quality, especially because the music industry is such a competitive one.
Here are some tips to get you through it like a pro.

Learn to play to a click

If you’re not used to playing to a click – get used to it. You can do this easily by finding a metronome on Youtube, and play along with it. The sole purpose is to keep everything in time, but if you’ve never played like this before you may find it very distracting. As hard as it may feel at the time, the click will just become a part of the melody in your head which you play to. It just takes practice.

Master the performance beforehand

Don’t ever over assume and think you’ve ‘got this’, because on the day of recording, it will be so easy to get intimidated by all the equipment, mics and buttons, that you will stutter. So make sure that you know your pieces inside and out so you can arrive totally prepared for anything.

Have a vision and stick to it

It’s important to remind yourself why you’re making this album. What’s it about, and what do you envision when you close your eyes and listen? This will help you to convey exactly the emotion you want when recording. – Listeners will be able to tell if your heart’s in it or not. So be honest and tell the truth in your songs, so your future fans believe it.

Learn to record your own music

Record your own songs in the privacy of your own home to get an idea of how it works and what it sounds like. It’s a very good idea to get used to hearing yourself back so you can figure out the best ways to attack certain areas in the song. Like the bridge, for example – that’s the part in the song where it builds and builds, so make note of that and do it as obvious as you want it to be on the recording. Sometimes you have to hit harder than you would if you were performing live, in order to get the power through the mic and onto the cd.

Create the cover

This is usually where a lot of new musicians go wrong. They think a Snapchat photo of themselves is decent enough to slap on the front of their cd. Now there’s nothing wrong with doing that, but you have to justify it with a reason. You’ve poured your heart and soul into this album, now you need to translate it into an image or design. Whatever you end up going for, Nationwide will be able to help you produce your case and leave you with a high-quality product to sell.

Now you know how to rock it like a pro, all that’s left to do now is take over the world with your music. Good luck.

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