6 Skillsets, 6 Career Changes

You drink coffee at your desk and scroll with a detached eye through the emails of the day: Urgent projects, clients meetings, and a presentation to hold for the CEO. You’re exactly where you wanted to be when you started your career a few years back. But you begin to realize that you got it wrong. You thought it would be exciting and interesting, but nowadays you’re just bored. If this sounds familiar – plus or minus the job details – then you’re at what it called a career crossroad. In other words: it’s time for you to consider a career change. Don’t panic! There’s a career path for everyone.

Another boring day?

#1. The basics of changing career

Whatever the reason for wanting to change career – from finding your way out of a difficult burn-out situation to wanting more from life – there is still an appropriate way to proceed so that you can be sure not to end up in the same professional cul-de-sac in future again. Start by investigating your skills and your passions. After spending time in a career, you’ve accumulated experience and knowledge that can be valuable in other professional sectors. Or you might have valuable, sought-after skills than other job-seekers lack. Being aware of what you have to offer is the first step in changing career. Then naturally comes the big question of knowing what you want to do, or at least what you are passionate about. With this information, you can turn to your professional and personal network to search for opportunity, or maybe choose a middle step towards your preferred career.

#2. For the people who care about others

If you are a natural carer and you want to actively help to improve people’s lives, you may be interested in embracing a role in the health sector. Nurses come from a variety of backgrounds, in fact, almost 20% of Bachelor of Science Nursing degree are over 30 and come from an unrelated career. The following article, what professions complement a BSN in Nursing?, explores this variety and how it can make you a better nurse. Teachers and Liberal Arts students are some of the most common professions that choose the nursing sector for their reconversion.

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#3. For the vibrant souls who want to create

If you are an enthusiastic, creative individual, it’s easy to understand why working in an office might not have been satisfactory. The comfort of a clear and organized workplace where routine can settle in is not for you. The conventional path of education doesn’t support the evolution of creative skills. But embracing the world of entrepreneurship can help you to create the path that you’ve been dreaming of. You will need to build your brand, as creative individuals sell imagination and personal realizations. Your talents lie at a personal level, and consequently, your clients will choose your work for who you are. The main mistake that creative people make is not to think of their new career as a business. Build yourself as a business brand, so that you can embrace creativity as your professional skill instead of being a hobby.

#4. For those who have a much-in-demand expertise

When you’ve spent several years developing niche skills, it can be sad to get rid of these simply because the routine of the office doesn’t suit you. You can use your expertise in another sector so that you can change your routine without needing to retrain. Becoming a freelance writer for your niche topic can be not only extremely profitable but also a lot more exciting than your office job. You’d be surprised to find out that many companies are looking for specialist writers. So if you’ve spent several years working in the legal sector, you could offer your in-depth knowledge to help legal businesses tackle the online competition. If writing for others isn’t your thing, you can still consider a path in training to help professionals brush up their knowledge of your niche topic. Marketing experts can provide tailored training courses in PPC to small businesses, for example.

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#5. For those who want to stay at home

How about you’re simply not happy with working in an office, far away from home? For those who think that the main problem in their career is that it keeps them away from being with their family, you can consider similar roles but as a remote employee. It’s even better if your company allows you to work from home, but unfortunately not every business is open to the idea of staff working in remote positions. Another possibility is to start your own business where you define the rules. Jessie Cave, a young mother of two, has turned to a world of doodles to move her career from being a busy actress to being with her children. Her online shop, Jessie Doodles is attracting hundreds of buyers across the world. Admittedly it does help that most of her buyers know her from her role as Lavender Brown, Ron’s infamous girlfriend, in the Harry Potter saga. But it’s not a part of her profile that she mentions in her online shop.

#6. For those who have a long business career

If you’re old enough to be a senior manager in your company, you might find it difficult to consider a new career path. But it’s never too late to try something new. You could repurpose your long experience by becoming a business consultant, which would allow you to be paid by the project and to take as much time off as you need. The demand in an experienced business consultant is high on the market!

#7. For those who don’t want to work anymore

For some people, the idea of working becomes unbearable, especially if you’ve been struggling with burn-out syndromes and depression. You can decide against a career path. Instead, you might want to relax and never work again. If this is the case, you’d be interested in looking out for passive income alternatives, especially via property investments. That’s what Chad Carson did after graduating college in 2003. He started to create a passive income. Today managing properties is his primary source of income and demands a handful of hours a week.

In conclusion, changing career is always an option, regardless of your background. Whether you like to care for people or to create things, you can make a living out of your skillset without staying in the same role.

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