The Reasons You Might Be Nervous About Taking Up A Sport

It is no great secret that getting regularly involved in some kind of physical activity is good for the body and mind. But if you have been somewhat out of action for a while, you may find it difficult to get back into the right frame of mind. You might want to take up a sport, but you feel that there is something in your way, stopping you. There are many things we tell ourselves during such a time, and it can be difficult noticing them as they appear. To help you spot them, we have put together some of the most common ones here.

You Don’t Have The Time

Getting involved in a sport which is new to you is often time-consuming. Especially at the start, you will have to spend a lot of time learning the ropes and developing your skills within the game. Nobody is saying that you won’t have to make some kind of a sacrifice of your day to fully enjoy it. But as it turns out, you might not have to sacrifice quite as much time as you might think. Often, the fear of not having enough time in your daily life to take up a new sport is actually unfounded. No matter how busy a life you lead, you can probably spare a few hours a week learning a new sport. If you really can’t find the time anywhere in your hectic schedule, that might be an indicator that it is time to strip away a few of the non-essential items from your calendar. Replacing that extra hour of overtime on a Friday with an hour of kickboxing is probably better for you, anyway.

You Lack The Experience

Whether it is due to embarrassment, or just not enjoying feeling like a novice, lacking the experience in something can indeed seem like a daunting thing. For many people, it becomes an all-encompassing reason not to get involved in new activities. As it turns out, however, this might not be the healthiest approach. As long as you avoid taking up new sports because you are worried about your lack of ability, you will never feel truly ready to tackle anything new. This will only contribute to an ever-worsening destructive cycle, and you will find it harder and harder to try your hand at new experiences as time goes on.

If you are concerned about trying out a new sport because you don’t have the necessary expertise yet, you might want to find a game which doesn’t require much to begin. This means you will be able to enjoy it all the more straight away, even as you develop your own learning curve. Grab yourself an inflatable SUP and head to the water: you will find that paddle-boarding is something you can pick up pretty quickly without much experience. Similarly, going to the golf range and trying out a few drives might help you to build some confidence before you set out to play with others on a course. Another method is to practice a little in private, or with someone you trust well, before getting involved in any kind of local clubs or events. With patience and a little time, there is no sport you can’t get into and enjoy.

You Don’t Have (Or Can’t Afford) The Equipment

Some sports require a lot of specialized equipment to be played correctly. If there is a sport you have your eye on, and you don’t have the necessary equipment, it can seem like a hassle having to get hold of it to begin. What’s more, you might be worried about getting the required items and then not actually enjoying the sport after all.

Look deeper. It might be that your concern about the equipment is actually just covering some other fear related to the sport itself, or to exercise more generally. There is very little sports equipment for beginners which is that expensive, and at the end of the day, you could always just sell it if you decide against the sport.

If you are genuinely struggling to afford the equipment for a sport you are interested in, you have options. In this instance, it will likely just be a matter of looking for another sport to play, one which does not require the use of much equipment. There are many sports out there which fit the bill on this front, so you’ll probably find you are actually spoiled for choice. Alternatively, you could go to a local club, in which case they will often have the equipment there ready and waiting.

You Are Unsure Of The Company

The people you play with are important. If you don’t feel you can get on with them, it might affect your enjoyment of the game. There is nothing fun about being on a football team full of people whose company you don’t really appreciate. But you are not often in a position to pick and choose those people, so what can you do?

Firstly, give them a shot. A lot of people feel worried about meeting new people, and often all it really takes is to spend some more time with them. People are rarely how they originally seem to be, and you might even discover that you get on with some of them quite well. If, after this time, you feel that you really can’t get on well enough with them to enjoy the sport, it might be that the sport is not for you. Different kinds of people are attracted to different sports, and it might be a case of finding your sport. If so, have patience. Finding the one sport that you enjoy can take time.

Anyone has the potential to feel a little nervous when taking up a sport. Whenever this feeling arises, just remember that there is a solution for every issue. Follow the relevant solutions, and you will be enjoying yourself in your dream sport in no time.

The Reasons You Might Be Nervous About Taking Up A Sport 3
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The Reasons You Might Be Nervous About Taking Up A Sport 9

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