There is more to keeping your business safe than bolting the door shut at night. The threats are many and modern criminals have developed many ways to infiltrate your business. From infiltrating the outside of your premises to hacking your computer network, you need to ensure every facet of your business is safe from ever increasing threats.

We briefly touched upon security as part of a larger article about the things that can
destroy a business. You don’t want any weaknesses, as a vulnerable business will come under threat of closure. To help you keep the inside and outside of your business safe, these are the security practices we consider essential.

Install security cameras

Security cameras are a visual deterrent to potential burglars and unscrupulous employees. They should be placed throughout the building, particularly near areas containing sensitive information and valuable goods. Some of the latest security cameras include advanced tech provided by Moons Industries, with video and motion control capabilities for enhanced surveillance. If disaster does strike, and somebody does break into your building, you will have CCTV footage of the event which will help the police capture the culprit and retrieve anything that has been stolen.

Implement alarm systems

You should consider a decent alarm system a priority. Through the use of motion sensors, the alarm system will be triggered when anybody makes an unauthorized entry into your premises. The noise will cause the burglar to flee and alert anybody in the vicinity that a break-in is occurring. Some alarm systems can be connected to an outside security company who will notify the police in the event of a threat. Do your research online, and consider these extra precautions.

Use security fencing

For businesses in remote areas, security fencing is a must. An extra barrier is an effective way of deterring vandals or burglars, and they should be used as your first line of defense. You want to make an intruder’s life as difficult as possible, and a high-quality fence will be durable enough to withstand burglar tools such as wire cutters.

Buy a safe

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No matter how secure you have made the perimeter, you still need to take extra steps in protecting your valuables. You should buy a safe, so take a look at these options. There may be threats from inside your own company, as employees may be tempted to steal money or take anything that doesn’t belong to them. CCTV should alert you to anybody with dodgy motives, but investing in a safe is a worthy purchase, for the threats on the inside and from the outside.

Hire a security guard

As an added deterrent to would-be criminals, you could hire a security guard. Having this extra muscle in place will further protect your business. Some businesses are more vulnerable than others, perhaps because of the nature of the work or having a lot of expensive equipment on premises. For those reasons, an extra pair of eyes throughout the day and night will benefit worried business owners.

Password everything

The computer of everybody within your business needs to be passworded. There may be sensitive information on the computer, which should be protected from snooping employees and cybercriminals. Passcodes should be around ten letters or numbers in length and should be something that couldn’t be easily guessed. So don’t use your date of birth as so many people do, and choose a mixture of numbers and letters that will be impossible to crack.

Install a firewall

Cybercrime is one of the biggest threats to businesses today, from identity theft to stealing important information. Some hackers may not want anything from you but are purely out to cause mischief by messing with your computer systems. Therefore, firewall every computer, and include antivirus and antispyware software to care for your data.

Make safety checks

Safety checks need to be carried out on a daily and weekly basis. For starters, think about your business premises when you close up for the evening. An open window or an unlocked door is going to make the life of an intruder that much easier. You might work in the building of an evening or at night, but you should get into the habit of locking yourself in for your personal safety. So always check and double-check doors and windows.

Regularly check the security alarm and CCTV systems to make sure everything is working as it should. Again, make sure you turn the alarm on before you go home and ensure everybody is out of the premises before you tap in the alarm code.

Have common sense

You may invest in the latest technologies to keep your business safe, but daily care on the part of you and your staff is crucial. For example, don’t leave any valuable goods or sensitive information lying around the office. Don’t click on dodgy links in emails, or use file sharing sites where the threat of malware is common. Be careful in your conversation with others, and ensure you don’t spill company secrets, or talk about anything private near listening ears. You need to have common sense, and ensure employees are on the same page. Security and privacy protocols should be an essential part of your policies, and any careless or malicious employees need to be dealt with.

Limit employee access


We aren’t saying your employees aren’t trustworthy, but you still need to take precautions. Limit the number of keys you hand out to your staff, and only give a key to anybody who specifically needs it. A key can easily be lost or stolen, so you don’t want too many circulating. Be sure to retrieve any keys from any employees who are terminated from your business, as they may be disgruntled and want to take revenge.

Bottom line

We don’t mean to be alarmist (excuse the pun), but security has to be something you take seriously. It’s very easy to be careless, or have a laissez faire approach, but you will regret not taking action sooner when your business does come under threat.

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