Whether you are worried about the state of affairs in your own country or seeking new opportunities within the workplace, perhaps even wanting to experience a different culture or lifestyle, moving to another country isn’t necessarily a dream anymore, but a reality. Some people may have thought that there was endless paperwork that needed filling in, but the truth is, these days, after a certain period of time it’s easier to gain a citizenship or residency in a country you weren’t born in. Here are some of the ways you could consider doing it.


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Look at whether the country you are from grants the second citizenship elsewhere

Researching the immigration laws of certain countries may highlight that some nationalities are granted a second citizenship elsewhere. This means you could consider using your current national status to gain a residency or citizenship in another country. Of course, this won’t be a straightforward scenario for all people, but it could certainly be a viable option for some. There are 30 of the 194 countries in the world that offer some form of flexibility on this, so it’s worth checking your own status to see.

Obtain citizenship through parentage

Just because you were born in one country, doesn’t mean you can’t be a citizen or resident of a country that your parents were born in.For example, having a mother from the US and a father from India could mean that you could potentially be a citizen in both countries due to your parentage. This could help you obtain relevant identification documents that can help as forms of proof of ID in other ways. For example, Indian residents can download Aadhar card. Parentage citizenship and eventually residency could be one of the easiest ways you do it.

Consider investment as a way of obtaining citizenship

Ever wanted a holiday home? Then maybe that home abroad could be your ticket to eventually becoming a citizen or resident of that country. You will have already invested within the economy of that country in some way, and may even hold bank accounts and records. This could all help towards an application of citizenship and/or residency in the future.


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Citizenship and residency by marriage

Love is patient, love is kind, and love can enable you to obtain citizenship and residency in another country if the person you are marrying is a resident there also. Of course, it isn’t just about being in love, there is that small factor of needing to be legally married to do it. But again, this option could potentially help you to settle with the person you love. However, some people use this just to gain residency in different countries, which is why so many more countries are clamping down on what they call “sham marriages.” The consequences can be long-term, so it won’t be worth the risk.

Finally, you may want to obtain it the old-fashioned way, and that is being sponsored for a job and working, or even living on the relevant visas until you can make a more permanent application to stay. But the truth is, even if you did do it this way, it’s now far easier than it ever has been before for many possible countries.

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