Top Tech The Government Uses To Make Our Lives Better!

The government runs the country for us, and they are there to make our lives easier! They provide things like roads, emergency services and benefits for us, making our lives a better place to be in, but they use a lot of different technologies to help us with it. There are a huge amount of different pieces of tech that they use to help us, so here are a few of the best ones.

Electronic Voting Systems

For time untold across the world, the use of paper has been a problem. This expands to every aspect of life, and it includes voting too! The process of paper voting is a long and arduous one and involves a lot of counting and a lot of money. Voting fraud can occur with the counters, or it can simply just be counted wrong which affects the result of a vote! There are a huge amount of problems with paper voting, but electronic voting does away with all this. Companies like smartmatic are used by the government to provide an easy, digital solution to voting. All you have to do is vote on a screen and you’re done! It sends your voting information off the the government, without the need for manual counting, saving money and time whilst making it more accurate at the same time.

Automatic Gunshot Detectors

As we all know, gun crime is a problem in America, as a lot of it goes unreported and the police cannot get there in time to do their jobs. This is where companies like ShotSpotter come into play. Integrated into some of the country’s biggest cities, small microphones will pick up gunshots that are heard within their vicinity, which will then notify the police the second it happens! This automated service means that the police can arrive on scene as fast as possible, possibly saving lives.

City Grader

This is an interesting thing being pushed out by the government, and allows us to see how well rated a particular cities services are. This has a whole application of uses, allowing you to see what an area is like from a services standpoint if you’re going to live there! The ratings are done by local people as well as investigative organizations, so if you’re going to move somewhere it’s definitely worth giving the area a look at with this before you make your mind up!

All of these things are used by our government to make our lives easier and safer. Electronic voting systems make our political engagement easier and clearer to do by using a digital touchscreen and machine precision to count with, gunshot detectors alert the police to when a firearm is discharged in the street and we can now view the opinion on local areas! These are all very marvelous inventions that have, and will continue to change our lives for the better. Of course, there are more interesting inventions than just the ones mentioned here, but if you’re looking for the coolest things ever made then check this out.

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