6 Signs Your Sports Obsession May Have Taken Over Your Life


Many of us love sports, but for most people, watching or taking part in a game is only a hobby. However, some of us take our passion to the next level! For a lot of people, following a favorite team and enthusing about a particular sport is akin to following a religion. So what about you? You may be passionate about sport, but has your passion become an obsession?

If any of the following are true to you, then sports may very well have taken over life!

You have full control over the tv remote

There had better be other tv’s in the house, as there is no way you are going to relinquish control over the remote when your favorite team is playing. Your eyes are glued to the screen, and your butt is firmly fixed to the couch. Is the sun shining outside? You hadn’t even noticed.

You bet your life on sport

You wouldn’t want to waste your money, but betting on sporting events is something many obsessives do. A big win from your team will net you a tidy sum, but when they lose you are going to come a cropper. You are taking a gamble, and you need to seek help if it becomes an addiction.

Your house is kitted out better than a football stadium

You may complain to your wife about her shoe-buying obsession, but if you have filled the home with oodles of sporting memorabilia, you have a bigger problem. If you have replaced family portraits with pictures of your favorite football team, and should every item in your wardrobe match your team’s colors, then saying you are obsessed is an understatement.

Your friend’s list is one-sided

Remember when you used to have friends who didn’t like sports? No, then consider who you are hanging out with. There is no harm in having friends who share similar interests as you, but if you filter friends from acquaintances due to the sports team they follow, then your priorities may be a little mixed up.

You only talk about sports

Somebody may be trying to hold down a conversation with you, but if it’s not sports related, you may not want to waste your breath talking about anything else. To you, the only subject worth talking about is sports, and if that guy at the bar isn’t interested in knowing about the greatest events in sporting history, then he isn’t worth knowing.

Your life is over when your team lose

It can be exhilarating when your team wins a game, but when they lose, you may feel as if life is over. You shout at the referee, throw beer cans at the tv screen, and fall to your knees in emotional anguish. Then somebody tells you ‘it’s only a game.’ Hell hath no fury like a sports obsessive scorned!!


So, have sports taken over your life? You probably don’t have time to contemplate the question if they have. The big game’s on soon, and there is nothing else worth thinking about!

6 Signs Your Sports Obsession May Have Taken Over Your Life 3
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6 Signs Your Sports Obsession May Have Taken Over Your Life 5

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