Your Office Appearance Is More Important Than You Think

You’re a business leader, and that means your primary focus is boosting productivity and bringing in money. It makes sense. The big problem with this, however, is losing sight of what actually achieves better productivity and an increased profit margin. We’re talking about your office. Yes, the physical space of your office. Why? Because it is so much more than just a place where you and your employees work.

It is where you and your employees spend the majority of your time and that means it is their home away from home. Not only that but it is also the gorgeous face of your business, that physical entity that employees, clients, customers and partners all come to visit, and so it needs to give off a certain impression.

As such, how you present your office not only says something about you and your business, it also has a huge influence on your employee’s morale, stress-levels, and productivity. It has a huge sway over your guests and how impressed they will be with your operations. And it has a huge knock on effect that affects your bottom-line. Mmmm hmmm. How your office looks matters. A lot. Luckily for you, we have come up with a list of pretty inexpensive ways you can boost your office appeal and everything else that comes with it.

1. Let There Be Light

If you were to sit down right now and Google something like “office hacks to boost productivity” about 99.9% of the articles that appeared would mention the need to improve natural lighting. It has a direct impact on productivity. Of course, knocking down walls and buying more windows is hardly ‘inexpensive’. However, what you can do is rearrange your office space so that nothing is blocking the natural light source and that you are using the best lit areas to full effect. It is also worth using localized lighting solutions to create a better working ambiance. Everyone will be impressed by this effort.

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2. Boost The Curb Appeal

Your office exterior is the first thing employees, clients, customers, and guests of all sorts will see. It is the first impression that can dictate the rest of their experience, and that is what makes it so crucial to upgrade and maintain. That could mean incorporating commercial sprinklers that will keep your turf green in a way that saves you time and money. It could mean relaying the path that leads to your lobby and giving your actual lobby a modernized overhaul. It could mean having a bigger, bolder and better sign placed at the front of your office, the kind that will induce pride in your employees and influence over your clients. First impressions count in everything.

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3. Open Plan Always Wins

The days of treating staff like cogs in a conveyor belt have been and gone, so if you are still using an office that has high-walled cubicles that promote isolation then you are stuck in the past. Not only that, but you are crippling your employee’s productivity by making them depressed and putting off your clients by saying you are outdated in your operations. Sure, have a small barrier if you must, but open plan offices with open work stations that promote open communication and collaboration are the way forward. That is how to get more productivity out of your employees, encourage friendships and see your staff start to look forward to Monday morning instead of loathing it.

Your Office Appearance Is More Important Than You Think 2
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  1. […] Your office’s appearance is important, that much has always been for certain. It is important because it can help seal a deal with a potential customer, and it can help to ruin a deal with them too. It is important because it gives your business a trademark and a personality. It is important because it tells everybody that walks in everything they need to know about your business, even before they do custom with it. So, yes, you office’s appearance is very important. But what is even more important about your office is that it is safe to enter, let alone work in. And it is because of this that means you simply have to ensure you keep your office workspace as safe as can be — for advice on how to do so, read on. […]

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