Offline Marketing Fact: A Bag For Life Lasts Longer Than A Facebook Post

With the digital world now dominating pretty much every aspect of life, more and more businesses are simply ignoring anything that involves the offline world, especially when it comes to marketing approaches. To put it in the bluntest way we possibly can: this is total madness. It is foolish, ill-advised and god darn detrimental to your efforts.

We’re not saying that your digital marketing needs to cease effective immediately. No. No. No. What we are saying is offline engagement with potential customers still have a huge role to play because it offers you something unique, distinctive and stand out, and that is what you want. Put it this way, Facebook adverts have a lifespan of less than an hour. Compare that to a bag-for-life and, well, it is no comparison really.

That is why we have come up with a list of offline marketing approaches you should start using to support your online efforts. A two-pronged attack, like the Romans probably used.

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Guerilla Marketing Rocks

You can’t really get away with going all guerilla online because online marketing channels are just rigid in their structure. However, you can go absolutely wild (or subtle) with this approach in the real-world and really let your imagination run wild. Create advertisements on a busy street using chalk, leaves branded pens in popular shops, give that local library of yours some bookmarks as a gesture of goodwill – just make sure they are heavily branded. Whatever you think may work, go for it.

Create Tangible Products

We mentioned how a bag for life has an infinitely longer lifespan than say a Facebook ad, which should be enough reason for you to browse this selection of tote bags and get all in your face with your marketing strategy. But it doesn’t have to just be bags. Give your friends branded coffee mugs to put on their desks at work, or pens (like we mentioned above), or you could even get t-shirts made. Anything that can physically be used is going to last a whole lot longer, and that means it stands a far better chance of etching its way into people’s minds which, let’s be honest, is exactly what you want.

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Never Stop Networking

Nothing beats a little bit of face-to-face action in this day and age, especially with the speed in which digital mistrust is growing. People are just far more likely to do business with you after meeting you in person because they can put a face to the name, which can bring about a new sense of loyalty. Of course, you will want to make sure you are remembered long after the night ends, which means you should heavily arm yourself with business cards and then give them out like they are candy. It works. It really works.

A Face Of The Community

A little bit of community can go an extremely long way, which is why you should start doing a lot more to build your reputation locally. It could be that you take part in local activities, like fun runs or charity bike rides, or you could offer your business services or product as a prize in a contest. These are all great ways to build visibility, while simultaneously showing that you really care about your community, which you should. It’s a nice thing to do. The fact it could help put pennies in your pocket it is merely a bonus.

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